>> HIT Favorites: Music Music Everywhere! (DVD + Music CD Set) (2010)

Show: HIT Favorites: Music Music Everywhere! (DVD + Music CD Set)

Genre: Kids

Starring: Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Kipper, Thomas & Friends

Studio: Lyons / Hit Ent.

Runtime: 54 Minutes

Release Date: July 20, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 2

Rating: 2.00 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C

Official Site

Lyons / Hit Ent. Has had a slew of these DVD compilations featuring a member from each of their catalogued shows being released at a steady pace. The last two that I have reviewed (Barney: Let's Play Outside, Let's Grow: Safety First) have been impressive by maintaining a theme throughout that was both fun and educational. Music Music Everywhere takes that similar aspect and attempts to sell itself off as a DVD themed by music but unlike the above mentioned releases this one falls a little flat.

The first episode on the disc is Barney in an episode titled “Play Piano With Me”. While the great purple one has faced many taunts and teases over the years its episodes like this that really show why Barney has been with us for so long. The episode features an up close and personal look at piano with a zoom in shot of the keys and finger placements done in such a subtle way that kids can choose to simply watch or can, if they own a piano or keyboard, mimic the finger movements. The episode also has a quick look at what a keyboard can do, singing, dancing, and the usual morality lesson involved. It’s a pretty solid start to the DVD.

The second episode is Bob the Builder in “Roley’s Important Job” which has Roley finding himself without use and decides to work on a song to help celebrate the opening of a delicatessen. The episode is hampered by the really bad accent of the two Italian characters in the show which come off clichéd and patronizing which takes away from the plot a little. Kids might be able to ignore it but adults will more then likely find it unnerving.

Episode Three is Thomas & Friends in “Tuneful Toots” which has Rusty the Diesel whose horn is annoying to the other trains and who must transport the brass band which plans to play for Sir Topemhat. Its your typical Thomas episode with a train without confidence who deviates from his task due to day dreaming. Nothing incredible about this episode.

Kipper in “Arnold’s Drum” is back to the wonderful themed episode trait that Barney began with showing how Kipper and his friends slowly but surely find ways of making music. Its creative, fun, and kids can learn to appreciate the ease of making musical instruments from everyday items including stones and blades of grass.

The bonus episode of Angelina Ballerina “Angelina’s Musical Day” really should have been slotted in where Bob the Builder is placed and having done that made Bob the Builder the bonus episode. In doing so the flow of the theme could have made the entirety of the DVD stronger. Angelina and her friends at the music academy are putting on Peter and The Wolf. Each of them plays a specific instrument which gets highlighted throughout the show. Obviously the stronger of the two between this and Bob the Builder.

As an added bonus you get a CD with five tracks on it; P-I-A-N-O taken from the episode of Barney and Good Manners, also from Barney, The Roll Call tune from Thomas as well as the wonderful Narrow Gauge, and finally The Next Step Theme song from Angelina Ballerina. While its not the greatest release it does have its perks. As always final judgment falls to you. Enjoy. 


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