>> Taggart: Set 3 (2010)

Show: Taggart

Season/Volume: Set 3

Genre: Drama

Starring: Blythe Duff, John Michie, Alex Norton, Colin McCredie

Studio: Acorn Media

Runtime: 551 minutes

Release Date: September 21, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 4

Rating: 3.40 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B+

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Bonus Features:

Absolutely zero but english subtitles are a bonus as the Scottish accents can be thick at times.

Taggart first hit the airwaves in 1983 maintaining the longest running cop drama in the UK and remains one of the most intriguing shows to date. Probably the inspiration for such shows as Blue Murder, Cracker or Wire In The Blood, Taggert steps away from the kindly well mannered detectives of the UK murder mystery set and offers up a raw emotional batch of detectives that cuss, let their emotions get the better of them, and work brutal cases in Glasgow where they go up against drug dealers, brothel runners, and ruthless gangsters. Not for the light of heart.

Taggart Set 3 offers up 8 one hour plus episodes that really can be watched as stand alones. All eight episodes pick up with the days case or cases somehow interweaving one into the next. While I love UK murder mystery shows Taggart is less about the who done it and more about the who will fly off the handle and what kind of scumbag we’ll see steamrolled by the team of Burke, Ross, Reid, and Fraser? Don’t get me wrong the complex stories in the show will give you plenty of guesswork but the cops here are so well fleshed out that you get a case of almost instant investment in them. When their in danger your on the edge of your seat, when their angered your anxious to see them lash out, and when their playing cat and mouse with the bad guy you get a rush of adrenaline when DCI Burke tough talks a suspect. Its amazing a show where there are seldom guns can be so suspenseful. Only one or two episodes have soft conclusions but all together a solid release for Taggart.

Episodes include:

1. Mind Over Matter: It seems like a therapy group is being targeted by a serial killer as bodies start to show up displayed in odd positions. DS Reid, a former patient, goes undercover to try and collect information but as she investigates the group the danger puts Reid in the eyesight of the killer.

2. Cause and Effect: When a young trophy wife is murdered a ring of dark secrets sets off a killing spree. At the center of suspicion is the victims husband who, at the time, had spent the night on his yacht. Meanwhile DCI Burke is reacquainted with a former police officer and friend who may or may not have ties with the murder.

3. A Taste Of Money: A restaurant critic is murdered and its up to DCI Burke and the team to uncover his killer but after so many bad reviews anyone is suspect. Can there be more to this murder then meets the eye or can this really be as simple as an angry chef getting revenge for a bad review? Guest stars Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty)

4. A Death Foretold: A Priest takes confession for a planned murder which has deadly consequences that somehow link the Priest with the deaths in a more direct way. Meanwhile DS Reid hides a secret from the team that could jeopardize their investigation.

5. Do Or Die: A soldier is found dead in a training area. Was it suicide or murder? DS Ross, after receiving  a low grade on his evaluation for judgment, decides to infiltrate the military base where the murder took place to prove himself. His decision could be a regrettable one.

6. Running Out Of Time: Someone is taking out cops and DCI Burke isn’t immune to a killers bullets as he takes one in the neck in the solitude of a lake where he’s fishing. Can the team find him in time and if they do can Burke recover from such an injury? In any case the team must pull together to solve the case without their boss. Guest stars Julian Wadham (The English Patient).

7. Cause To Kill: A murderer begins leaving bodies for DCI Burke to find indicating a case that was closed 18 years ago may have wrongly accused the wrong man. In the fray is Author Dr. Russell, a psychologist who helped solve the case, who gets pulled back into the investigation.

8. Dead Man Walking: When a mechanic is tied up and tortured in his own garage his death begins an investigation that will pit DCI Burke and the team against ruthless gangsters who test Burke’s ability to catch them in the act. When the mechanic’s partner goes missing things take a turn for the worse but even worse is the kidnapping of the partners young daughter. Can Burke and the team catch the bad guys before its to late? Its possible with the help of a snitch named Arthur? 


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