>> Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (PREVIEW)

Show: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Episode(s): HAARP

Genre: Reality

Starring: Jesse Ventura

Network: truTV

Airdate/Time: December 2, 2009 10:00pm

Rating: 1.95 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C

Official Site

Former Navy Seal, Minnesota Governor, and Hollywood film star Jesse Ventura takes you behind the scenes concerning some of the biggest and most talked about conspiracy theories from 9/11 to global warming. Along with his team Ventura will take his free thinking persona and never back down attitude and tackle the topics with a relentless curiosity and ambitious drive.

“We have credible sources stating their beliefs, and we look into those theories, but ultimately, you will have to be the judge” (Ventura as quoted in the press release). I find this statement to be extremely accurate considering the episode that I reviewed which involved a very Avengers type doomsday device that would supposedly do many things; control the weather and cause natural (or unnatural) disasters, control the human brain, knock satellites from space or planes from the sky. All of this is extremely interesting and when Ventura and his team fly into Alaska to see the place for themselves and bring us along for the ride we only get as close as the front gate. From there you see some interesting but ultimately debatable scenes with Ventura using a mind control device, a lot of interviews with locals who claim to know a lot about the doomsday device, but no real evidence whatsoever about the device itself other then hearsay. Your left with a lot of interesting concepts but no real physical proof.

Ventura seemed to be the biggest hurdle for me reminding me to much of a ponytail wearing Steven Seagal type uttering threatening but all together thematic dialogue like, “When I get denied something it doesn’t intimidate me it just makes me angry”. While that may have worked for the former Minnesota governor in films like Predator and The Running Man it just brings down the believability. Possibly if the show tackles some issues that have the ability to be proven more openly then great but off the strength of this one episode it just didn’t feel genuine to me. Interesting sci-fi ideologies but pointless without physical proof. 




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