>> Hellcats (PREVIEW)

Show: Hellcats

Episode(s): Pilot

Genre: Drama

Starring: Alyson Michalka, Ashley Tisdale, Matt Barr, Gail O'Grady

Network: CW

Airdate/Time: September 8, 2010 9:00pm

Rating: 0.80 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D-

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"Hellcats" is the unfortunate result of what (almost) ten years of bad plot lines, lame villains (not counting Lex), and the lack of cape has done to executive producer, Tom Welling. Yes, Superman is (at least partly) responsible for this piece of wasted television, and he apparently feels the need to take his frustrations out on us. Thanks, Clark.

The "Hellcats" are the resident competitive cheerleading squad at some unknown university located in Memphis, TN. Marti Perkins (Alyson Michalka), a pre-law wrong-side-of-the-tracks student loses her scholarship due to (yet another) screw up due to her underachieving and party-girl mom (Gail O'Grady) and has to find a way to pay her way or it's goodbye law school. In an effort to save her educational future, Marti heads to the student aid office to research any other potential scholarships she can magick up in a week. Marti finds her way to trying out for the Hellcats (for a cheerleading scholarship), making the squad, and dun dun DUN...that can't lead to good things. Not everyone voted for Marti to be on the squad.

Marti is bffs with Dan Patch (Martt Barr), typical CW hottie, who is in love with her, but she's not supposed to know. Uh oh, irony? Foreshadowing? Why doesn't the CW save us from four seasons worth of dumbass angst and just have them hook up? Good grief. They're both "hyper-articulate" and love to look down their own noses at the more financially-gifted and popular people. Which brings me to Sharpei, I mean Savannah Monroe, Captain of the Hellcats, who is one of those popular people. There isn't much else to say about Savannah except that Ashley Tisdale is getting every bit of mileage out of her "High School Musical" days, which I liked, by the way, so I'm not being terribly unkind here. Bland boring Savannah is just looking for the best person to represent the Hellcats. If it's Marti, then so be it.

Full of typical CW pretty-people, ridiculous cheer montages that would make Sue Sylvester vomit, even more ridiculous suspensions of disbelief (not to mention thread-bare plots) this show is destined to be around for years to come. Yip.E.

My biggest criticism is of the writing on this network because it just irks the you-know-what out of me. People DO NOT TALK LIKE THIS! I personally blame the writers of "Gilmore Girls" for fast-paced quippy banter, but in their case it actually worked. The cast of "Hellcats" is mechanical and boring.

Completely unbelieveable and terrible, "Hellcats" clocked in at full 35 minutes which means that there plenty of commercial time to spare needed to pay for this awful show. Tweenies will LOVE this. Enjoy!


They are reworking the pilot

They are reworking the pilot within the next couple of weeks, what you've seen is just a pilot presentation. They've added a new plotline with the cheer coach and a possible love triangle. It will be longer than 35 minutes, trust me. Also Ben Browder was originally cast in the pilot and they cut his scenes, they are now recasting his role because he pulled out of the project due to other obligations.

Thank you for the comment.

Thank you for the comment.  We received the screener directly from the studio so that is what we reviewed.  We have not received notice from The CW about any reworking or new screeners going out.  If we do receive an update from the network directly, we will give it a proper re-watch and if the opinion changes, we will post that.

NOTE: At this time, we cannot confirm or deny that this commentor's statements are true, but we thought it best to publish them in case changes to the show do occur and facts in this article end up different from the final airing of the pilot.

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