>> Nikita (PREVIEW)

Show: Nikita

Episode(s): Pilot

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama

Starring: Maggie Q

Network: The CW

Airdate/Time: September 9, 2010 9:00pm

Notes: Directed by Danny Cannon

Rating: 2.63 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C+

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Getting taken off of death row, Nikita gets a second chance at life when she gets recruited by the secret government agency known only as Division. Only with this second chance Nikita has to do the bidding of Division that includes killing anyone they tell her to. Until she is betrayed by Division and is forced to go into hiding for three years while losing everything that she built for her life. Now after those three years Nikita has decided that she will take down Division and she is not hiding that fact.

First thing to know about the show Nikita is that it’s based off the popular show that came out in the 90’s called La Femme Nikita. How much is the pilot like that? I don’t know, never watched it but I did know about the show. Nikita is a show that’s about a good looking woman, that ends up wearing skimpy clothing a lot, that goes about getting into a lot of fights.

I wasn’t too impressed with the pilot of Nikita. Not because the acting from Maggie Q, who plays the lead role of Nikita, is bad, because it’s not. Maggie Q has already established herself as an actress that can be an action star and does good at it. I wasn’t impressed because there wasn’t nothing original or spectacular about the pilot that makes it stand out. Having a beautiful woman wear skimpy clothing to help keep the viewers is not a good way to keep a show or get a show on air.

Before the show was even half over it was predictable on what was going to happen. Not only that but the supporting cast didn’t do anything that made them stand out. The character of Michael, the man that is the second in command, the one that recruits the new spies, just seemed like he was forcing all his lines out. Now if his character is supposed to be angry all the time then he has done a just passable job of it. Another character, Alex, is one of the new recruits that plays the rebellious teen that hates the world but actually wants some help.

Having a show that is not original and is based off anothershow that was a cult favorite makes it tough for the new show to do well. One way to do this is to have the right cast and I don’t think Nikita has the right cast for the show. Maggie Q is good in the role but the others just don’t fit the roles they play. Also, there needed to be more happening in the pilot that would have made it more intriguing. There wasn’t any moment that I was trying to figure out what was happening in the pilot nor did the episode end where it left me wanting to know what was going to happen next. Nikita has possibilities to be a good show but the pilot just didn’t quite make it being a good episode. Nikita will air on The CW Network on September 9 2010 at 9PM.



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