>> Royal Pains

Show: Royal Pains

Episode(s): Pilot

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Paulo Costanzo, Mark Feuerstein, Reshma Shetty, Jill Flint

Network: USA

Airdate/Time: June 4, 2009 10:00pm

Rating: 4.50 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A+

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Dr. Hank Lawson, played by Mark Feuerstein (Defiance), is a rising star in a Brooklyn ER, about to marry the woman of his dreams, and wants for not. In the blink of an eye all of that good fortune disappears when Hank’s expertise is torn between a wealthy hospital trusty and another patient. When Hank stabilizes the trusty and returns to the other patient, against orders from the hospital administrator, the trusty ends up dying and so does Hanks dream of being a doctor. Blacklisted from every hospital for miles around Hank finds himself broke, unemployed, and alone after his engagement is broken off.

In comes Hanks younger brother Evan, played by Paulo Costanzo (Road Trip), who convinces him to head out to the Hampton’s for a wild party at a gorgeous castle estate. While at the party Hank finds himself saving a young woman’s life and suddenly finds himself the Hampton’s new hot doctor. His phone won’t stop ringing, people are coming out of the woodwork for his expertise and for employment. Hank refuses but can anyone really refuse such a lavish lifestyle among the rich and famous? Find out June 4th, Thursday at 10/9c only on USA.

I had my doubts and curiosity’s going into this show. I wanted to watch but overall the cast didn’t excite me. I was pleasantly surprised. This is an intelligently and craftily written show. Great music, loads of chemistry, great locations. As I watched I thought to myself, “If Scrubs and House had a baby this would be it.” Kind of cliché I know but the comparison is a perfect description. Based on the strength of the pilot episode I don’t see how this show could go wrong. It’s a medical comedy drama that takes place outside of the hospital which is refreshing and its humor is well placed and not just tossed in for cheap laughs (sometimes). Your going to get the clichéd TV show medical scenario’s; sudden emergencies conveniently located around our star, serious medical jargon dialogue that seems unnecessary, but the show moves around, even away from the medical aspect. You’ve got romance, humor, suspense, and like I said the chemistry is simply phenomenal between all of the actors and actresses so far so no matter what setting you’ve got its believable and enveloping. I can’t say I’m to excited about the time slot but I think once the show kicks off it will grab its audience and give them a reason to watch regardless. Definitely check it out Thursday June 4th following Burn Notice at its new time (9/8c) and enjoy. 


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I'm in!

USA consistently puts out great original shows ... In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, etc and I'm yet to be disappointed. I think this is a great original premise and am looking forward to adding something new to my summer lineup. Plus, always been a big fan of Feuerstein's.

Love It..

I love the show and I love the music ! And since I am a PA...I love the fact I could work for a HOT doctor ! hahahahaha


Does someone know who sings the song that the DJ is playing when he is clapping his hands. It is on the pilot episode.

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