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Show: School Spirits

Genre: Reality

Network: SyFy Channel

Airdate/Time: June 20, 2012 10:00pm

Rating: 2.81 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B-

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I’ve been pretty burned by some of Syfy Channel’s shows so I didn’t have high hopes when I saw a screener for their new show “School Spirits” sitting on my desk. After watching the first two episodes though I did not find myself disappointed.

In case you haven’t picked up from the title of the show “School Spirits” unveils hauntings that occur on school campuses. The first episode is about the Gamma Alpha Gamma Sorority at the University of Michigan where the sisters had a rather unpleasant welcoming into their new house. The second episode revolves around one college student at SUNY Geneseo in New York as he is plagued by a restless spirit.

The show has a fairly common set-up that has been seen in many of these reliving haunting shows. There are interviews with the victims & witnesses, if there is any types of investigation “proof” that was taken it is displayed, and to fill in the gaps you are given reenactments of the events laid out. I felt like there were a few liberties taken with the reenactments (mild exaggerations) for entertainment purposes, such as someone in an interview talking about feeling threatened by the spirit and you all of a sudden have a wind machine whipping the actress hair around. It’s nothing completely over the top and shouldn’t ruin the accounts you are hearing from those that were actually there.

The stories of the hauntings (at least for these 2 episodes) are pretty interesting, though at times it does feel like they are trying to stretch the stories a bit to get a full episode out of them. I was impressed that for the haunting at SUNY Geneseo they did have actual audio and a photograph that was taken during that time. The interviews given by all those involved are emotional and really give the impression that they truly believe what happened to them and aren’t just seeking attention.

On the other hand though, the acting in the reenactments can get a bit “dramatic” in the laughable sense. And while they did look into the history of the sorority house a bit to find a reason for the haunting, there wasn’t too much of a story there that they dug up. For the one at SUNY Geneseo no history was given and there was no mention if anyone even tried to find one. Granted this could be seen as a small complaint to some but for me I always find a haunting much more interesting if there is a history to back it.

I’m not sure there is enough uniqueness to “School Spirits” to really make it stand out from the other true haunting shows that have already existed; however there is no reason that fans “A Haunting”, “Celebrity Ghost Stories”, and others wouldn’t enjoy it if they caught it airing.



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