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Breaking Glass Pictures

4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker

When four college girls Lily, her best friend Bianca, her sister Lori and Lori s lover Pam - move into their first off-campus house together, the antics and tempers run high.... Read more

An American Ghost Story

At first glance, An American Ghost Story appears to be one of those cheap knockoffs hoping to cash in via accidental rentals or purchases from confused consumers (An American Ghost Story?  I wanted you to pick up American Horror Story!).  Well, looks can be deceiving.  ... Read more

Dead in France

Socially-challenged hitman Charles lives in Cannes and wants to retire with a yacht and a woman in tow.... Read more

6 Degrees of Hell

Sometimes it is easier to watch a terrible movie than to watch one with a little bit of promise, and 6 Degrees of Hell squanders all of the promise it has. ... Read more


Scalene: (mathematics) of a triangle having three sides of different lengths. ... Read more

The Fields

THE FIELDS: ... Read more

The Summer of Massacre

The Summer of Massacre holds the Guinness World Record for having the highest body count of any film at 155 and according to the official website, has 22 awards from various institutions. You’d think, then, that the film would tolerable at least. Oh how wrong you would be… ... Read more

Asylum Seekers

Asylum Seekers is a very insane movie that takes place in an insane asylum that is filled with all kinds of crazy. 6 possible candidates compete to prove they belong in this special asylum because they only have one vacancy available. The candidates are Dr.... Read more

Exit 33

Part-time gas attendant, full-time creepo, Ike, (Hodder) has a fascination for taxidermy and stupid tourists on their way through his neck of the woods. Each of them takes "Exit 33" and yes, you can imagine the rest...engage in bad dialogue and do unbelieveably stupid things.... Read more