Ugly Betty: Season 3 (Preview)

Ugly Betty

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

11 Emmy Nominations, the most for any comedy series on any network, proves that Ugly Betty has what it takes to be a staple in television while avoiding the usual pitfalls that make most of the shows peers unoriginal and repetitive. America Ferrera, winner of countless awards including Chevy Entertainer of the Year Award for 2008, returns as Betty, a woman with a brilliant mind for fashion and problem solving who is overlooked by almost everyone, even when she defied their predictions that she would fail.

This time around Betty finds herself a part of one of the most prestigious schools for editors headed by the infamous Jodie Papadakis, a legend in the magazine world (played by Bernadette Peters) who is surprisingly different then how Betty had imagined her. Meanwhile Betty’s sister Hilda is looking to open her salon and the family comes together to help make that happen but Betty is torn between her career and her family. Daniel and Wilhelmina find themselves longing for love but both of their love interests are married, to each other, and worst of all their love interests are both friends and business partners. It’s a slippery slope kind of situation and the ever plotting Wilhelmina, of course, has a plan which involves using Daniel to get her man. Will Betty be able to avoid the snares of office politics and make her business dreams come true or will tragedy strike in unexpected places? Find out Thursday January 8th at 8PM only on ABC.

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