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One Republic releases music video for 'Love Runs Out'

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One Republic has taken over the music industry with their hit “Counting Stars” and are back with their next single, “Love Runs Out.” The music video feels like the perfect visual companion to the single. The video has a very similar visual style to that of the famous painting, Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature), by Edvard Munch. The video opens with rapid shots and leads into Ryan Tedder meeting up with an older woman playing a piano in the middle of the desert. The video keeps its fast style of editing and impressive with the ability to incorporate all of these different characters into one rhythmic storyline. “Love Runs Out” is an upbeat and passionate single, which is driven forward by the beat and the clapping within the song. Many One Republic singles feature layers of complexity when it comes to the instruments that highlight the vocals or Tedder and this video is the visual equal to that layering style. It feels fluid, natural and yet out of this world all at the same time. The colors and stylizing of the video feels like a compliment to the fast paced lyrics and vocal delivery that keeps the energy level high throughout the almost four minute track. One Republic is back in a big way with this latest record and single. “Counting Stars” reintroduced One Republic to the mainstream charts and “Love Runs Out” keeps the party going and shows that One Republic has no intention of ever leaving the top spot on the charts anytime soon. Watch the music video for "Love Runs Out" here: