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Caroline Guiliani Sentenced to One Day of Community Service

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Caroline Guiliani, daughter of former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani, has been sentenced to one day of community service for shoplifting about $100 worth of products from a New York Sephora store earlier this month. The community service, which will consist of cleaning the city streets, needs to be completed before Guiliani's next court date, set for Nov. 4., according to the New York Daily News. When Guiliani, 21, appeared in front of Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Jennifer Schecter, she didn't say or word, and her father was not present. However, her mother Donna Hanover, and stepfather, Edwin Oster, were in the courtroom. According to the New York Post, the one day of community service is part of a plea deal in which Guiliani denied guilt. Following the hearing, Guiliani declined to answer reporters' questions about both her motive, and her intention to apologize. Similarly, Guiliani's lawyer, Isabelle Kirshner, said, "We are not going to have a comment for the press." Guiliani, who is a senior at Harvard University, and a theater major, is set to begin classes on Wednesday. Source: People