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It took Vin Diesel a while to get past the tragic death of Paul Walker, but the actor said that one of his recent roles helped him during the process. According to Variety, Diesel said that recording the voice of Groot for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy gave him inspiration. Groot's voice was recorded while production on Furious 7 was halted due to Walker's unexpected passing. Diesel said that the tree-like alien's characteristics had a positive affect on his recovery. "That was healing for me,” Diesel said. “To play a character that could reincarnate, rejuvenate and represent life as trees do.” DIesel added that he would think of his son when recording Groot's voice because he wanted the character to easily relate to children. The character became a favorite among fans and had a memorable moment in the film's final scene. Despite his character only saying the phrase 'I am Groot' throughout the movie, director James Gunn said that Diesel worked several hours to make sure each line was done just right. Gunn noted that working as Groot served as a form of therapy for Diesel. “Vin was in a very sensitive place,” Gunn said. “It was not long after Paul passed away. I think the simplicity of Groot, the innocence of Groot and the creativity of Groot was a big relief for Vin.” Diesel will finally get back behind the wheel when Furious 7 hits theatres on April 3. Credit: ACE/