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Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of John F. Kennedy, is said to have her sights on Hillary Clinton's senate seat upon her expected confirmation as secretary of state early next month.

According to the New York Times, Ms. Kennedy recently phoned Governor David A. Paterson inquiring about the vacated position.

"The conversation was informational," Gov. Paterson told the New York Times, "She did not express an interest in the Senate, but we talked about the Senate, so I got that she was just trying to get some information to determine whether or not she would like to have an interest in it. And that was it."

The job has not yet been offered to anyone.

The N.Y. Democratic senate seat was once occupied by her late father. Some have begun to speculate of a potential popularity contest in the political realm, fearing Kennedy's family ties and friendships with well known politicos may overshadow those who have been mentioned as possible successors to Clinton, including State Attorney General Andrew M. Cumo and a few members of the New York congressional delegation.

The 51-year-old lawyer showed face in this year's presidential election. Early on, she publicly announced her support for Senator Barack Obama as our next president and often appeared with him at campaign stops across the country.

Residing in Manhattan, Ms. Kennedy is no stranger to New York and its 62 counties. In past years, Caroline has had great success raising money for New York public schools. The question is not if she knows the issues surrounding New York politics but if she is hungry for the position and the workload that comes with it. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a cousin who also once thought of running for the position, says Caroline has tremendous work ethic and proclaimed her to be a workaholic.

To take this seat in the White House Ms. Kennedy would have to run back-to-back races, beginning in 2010 to serve the remainder of Clinton's term and again in 2012 to work a full term.

Feminist groups across the state have spoken out about appointing another woman to the senate seat once Clinton moves forward. Some predict Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (Manhattan/Queens) and Kirsten E. Gillibrand (upstate New York) stand to be her biggest competition if Kennedy decides to run for office.