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When audiences saw Gerard Butler’s ripped King Leonidas, there was no hint of the self-doubt that plagued him during the shooting of 300. But apparently, he thought the role would either bring him acclaim or humiliation. He said he had the same feeling while voicing his role in How to Train Your Dragon. Butler spoke with MTV News about both films. "It was like '300,' " Butler said of How to Train Your Dragon. "You kind of had a feeling, 'OK, this could be amazing.' But there were also days that I would film and go, 'This is going to be so awful. This is going to be humiliating.' And then you see it and you go, 'Oh, OK.' " But of course, 300 was a big hit, and with its stellar reviews, it looks like How to Train Your Dragon could be, too. Jay Baruchel, who voiced the teenage son of Butler’s character, said the animated film will appeal to both kids and adults, but not in the usual way films like these do. "Often when people say it's good for kids and it's also good for adults, all that means is there's just a few pop-culture references adults are old enough to get,” Baruchel said. In this movie, he said, it’s all about a good story, and that’s what will attract the older audience. How to Train Your Dragon opened this weekend to a 97% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.