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Possible 'Avatar' Sequel?

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

Although Avatar didn’t win the “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards, the 3-D science-fiction blockbuster has garnered enough money, praise and fans to basically guarantee a sequel. So people thought. Director James Cameron isn’t so sure that a sequel is definitely coming. The filmmaker spoke with MTV News on the Oscars’ red carpet saying, “We’ll see. There are no foregone conclusions. There are some things that need to be worked out with 20th Century Fox. If we get all of that squared away, then it’s all good.” Cameron has spoken about not being so confident of an Avatar 2. In February he reiterated his present thoughts. "I've got some deal hurdles I got to get over with the studio before I want to emotionally embrace that," he said at the time. "[Sequel details have] never properly been worked out, let me put it that way, but everyone's highly motivated. Rupert Murdoch told us we were doing it, so now they have to make a deal." If the sequel does happen, Cameron has a few ideas for the plot. He said that it could possible explore Pandora’s neighboring moons. Additionally, he added that there's a strong likelihood that the humans defeated at the end of "Avatar" could return in a sequel.