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Joe Manganiello talks about getting 'busted' looking at Sofia Vergara's backside at the White House before they started dating

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Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara started dating earlier this summer after she split from her fiancé, Nick Loeb. However, the True Blood star dished about meeting her at a White House correspondents dinner when she was still engaged and admits to staring at her backside. Manganiello said he won’t “apologize” for getting caught sneaking a peak when he was showed the photo on E! News. "C'mon you can't put that in front of me. What am I supposed to do? I'm not going to apologize," he said. "I totally got busted. That was actually funny when we first started dating, months after that." He added, "We had talked, I guess, or kinda bumped into each other but we didn't start dating until she was single. She had a boyfriend at that time, so I probably could've gotten into a fight for doing that. I'm not trying to start a fight at the White House." Meanwhile, the Modern Family actress recently gushed to People about her new boyfriend. “I'm very happy romantically. It couldn't be better!" she said. Manganiello will start shooting Magic Mike 2 next month, which he says his girlfriend will reap the benefits of. image via