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'Biggest Loser' recap: Makeover Week!

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

The Biggest Loser began with a surprise visit from Tim Gunn arriving in a Cinderella-like horse and buggy. He informs that he has three gifts for everyone. This is Makeover Week! Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves welcomes the contestants to his salons where hair is cut, foiled, shaved and blow dried. Hannah is given a Disney princess-like gown, and is then informed by Gunn that her second gift is just up the steps. Her father stands awaiting her arrival. Olivia, Hannah’s sister looks significantly different and gorgeous also in a beautiful gown where her husband awaits her. Austin, who has lost a total of 153 pounds, looks stunning in his tuxedo, and, yes, they cut his hair! His mother greets him in tears. Irene recalls back to when she was a child and remembers loving being a “girly-girl.” She says that stepping into that dress reminded her of what it feels like to be beautiful. Her mother came to ranch to be by her side. Jay’s side by side photo is an incredible difference. His son Matthew is overwhelmed by the difference he see’s in his father. After all of the contestants are revealed in their gowns and tuxes, Gunn opens the door and rock band OneRepublic is on stage to give them a live concert. The next morning, the contestants prepare to endure a challenge. The contestants must dig through Mazda shaped sandcastles to find keys that will fit into not one, but two, new Mazda 5’s which they can win. After finding the keys, the contestants must sprint down the pier to see if the key will start the car. On her second attempt, Irene picks a winning key and will drive away with a new Mazda 5! Another hour and a half goes by, and the remaining contestants still cannot find which key will start the last car. With two keys remaining, Olivia makes it back with the correct key, winning the second Mazda 5. The contestants go into the “last chance workout” with one thing on their minds: This weigh in will determine who the final four will be. At the weigh in, the contestants are not pulling large numbers. Olivia only lost 2 pounds, and the Jay loses 3. Austin regains the faith in the weigh in room by losing 7 pounds and Irene, with a low percentage of weight loss, only has to lose one pound, counters with a two; this puts Jay below the yellow line. Olivia reaches her goal of one hundred pounds lost, but in losing four pounds, she pushes her sister below the yellow line. Suddenly, Tim Gunn’s voice comes over the loud speaker and says, “Hold on Alison,” and he appears in a “magic” mirror. He points his finger over to the yellow line and makes it disappear. This is his third gift: Nobody will go home this week. Olivia closes the show by celebrating her 100 pound weight loss with a beautiful opera song that moves everyone in the gym, and sends Bob to tears.