Recently Sabrina Bryan, known for her role as Dorinda in the Cheetah Girls, sat down and answered some questions for us about her life, career, the Cheetah Girls, and new workout DVD called BYOU�


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SHAKEFIRE: What got you interested in doing a workout video?

SABRINA BRYAN: I realized the demand for information about fitness.  I wanted to create a new way to get kids interested in working out and living a healthy lifestyle!  The video is really fun and makes you want to learn every move and have a great time!!

SF: What can we expect from your workout video?

SB: You can expect hot choreography, amazing music, and a great workout!  You�ll notice how much you want to use the video and how much it really works!!

SF: There are some interesting songs to workout to on the DVD. Did you help choose any of the tracks or discover a favorite song to workout too?

SB: Ya, of course!  I had an opportunity to hear all of the tracks and pick out the ones that I would want to work out to myself.  It was also fun to being part of the process of finding the artists to be on the soundtrack.  They are all so talented and it was fun working with them.

SF: Is it odd working out to your own songs?

SB: At first, totally. Hearing my own song is always a little weird, but I really like �Byou� and I have such a great time dancing and singing to the song.

I see that you are working on a solo album. What kind of music can we expect to hear on it and where do you get your inspiration?

SB: I definitely want to have songs that you can dance to, but also try to do things that people haven�t heard before.  I want to try to come out with combination of styles and bring a dance flair to it!

SF: I read that you enjoy designing clothes. Are we going to see a Sabrina clothing line in stores?

SB: I hope so!  Eventually I would love to design clothes and I hope to get working on it soon.

SF: What else would you like to try in the future besides acting and singing?

SB: I�m trying to put together the outline for my own production company in the future as well as a company that finds new artists and builds them up with their careers.  I would really enjoy a hand in the development process of the business.

SF: You have a very busy schedule with singing, acting, school, and your new workout video. What do you do to relax?

No relaxing at this point! But I really like to be busy, so that�s what makes the most sense in my life.  When I don�t have anything to do I look around like �uhh what do I do now?!� And I�ve just been so excited to be working and doing what I love.  I�m actually getting a chance to see all of my dreams come true J

SF: There are numerous fans out there wondering when we can expect a Cheetah Girl sequel?

SB: You can expect The Cheetah Girls II to be released this coming summer!  We�re all so excited to go to Barcelona, Spain this spring to film the movie together!!  We�re going to have so much fun.

SF: Any message for your fans?

SB: Thank you all so much for supporting everything that I�ve done with the Cheetah Girls.  I can�t wait for you all to get BYOU!  It�s one of the most exciting projects that I�ve worked on yet.  And keep looking out for more stuff�with my solo stuff as well as The Cheetah Girls!  I love you guys�Thanks again!

BYOU has 3 workout routines. Sabrina breaks all the moves down to help you go at your own pace. The DVD also has a warm up, cool down, Sabrina taking a look at fitness shoes, a music video, and behind the scenes. For more information you can visit

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