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'Avatar' Finally Falls to 'Dear John'

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James Cameron’s record breaking sci-fi epic Avatar has finally lost its top spot at the box office to the Nicholas Sparks romance Dear John. After seven consecutive weeks at No. 1, critics suspected earlier this week that the military romance could claim the top spot from Avatar for several different reasons. For one, it is Super Bowl weekend. Avatar’s biggest audience is the Super Bowl’s main demographic. Also, Dear John’s main demographic is young females who may be retreating from the Super Bowl. Although panned by critics, the film was well received by its intended audience and collected an estimate of $13.6 million on Friday. Avatar’s receipts dropped nearly 18% since last Friday. Managing to hold onto the second spot, the film took in only $6.2 million on Friday. Third place went to the new John Travolta film From Paris With Love with an estimated gross of $3 million. And Rounding out the top five was the new Mel Gibson film Edge of Darkness and the Kristen Bell film When in Rome with $2.3 and $2 million respectively. To learn more about this weekend’s box office, visit