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It seems that Amanda Bynes spent a fun day at Sky Zone, a trampoline filled fun zone, Wednesday... that is until the former actress denied spending the day there calling photos of an Amanda Bynes looking female an “imposter.” E! News confirmed the former Nickelodeon starlets attendance at Sky Zone with a rep for the facility explaining that she was “great," noting,"She was very friendly to the staff and came and just jumped around." Bynes, spotted wearing a brown wig, a blue t-shirt and dark jeans, arrived at the facility around 7p.m in Buffalo, NY and stayed until they closed. "She told us that she had been to a Sky Zone before and had really liked it and she said she loved jumping around," the rep says. "She said was definitely going to come back." However, just moments after reports surfaced of the 27-year-old actress enjoying a day out, she slammed celebrity blogger Perez Hilton for his report claiming that the person in the photographs is an imposter. “THAT'S NOT ME! I'm so sick of fake fans such as Perez Hilton!” she began. “Send the picture to me privately first to confirm that it's me! I've never been to SkyZone! That looks nothing like me! I don't own a brown wig!” Image: Perez Hilton Twitter