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'The Walking Dead' Recap: Season 3 Episode 10 'Home'

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

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The much-advertised theme for Season 3 of The Walking Dead has been, “Fear the dead. Fear the living,” and this week’s episode “Home” finally fulfilled that theme. “Home” set out to achieve two goals, the fact the group is lost without Rick’s leadership and that the Governor has officially turned evil. “Home” largely achieved those two objectives with a few bumps on the way. The episode starts out with Rick being led outside the prison walls by the visage of Lori. For some reason he can’t stop himself from following her despite him knowing she’s not real (as he later admits to Hershel). Rick also revealed that the phone conversation he had with Lori also featured Shane and that he was “waiting for an answer” out in the woods, though he didn’t know what it may be. This seemed like a bit of foreshadowing towards Rick dying at some point in the near future. Rick being led from safety by Lori, whom he knows is dead, and looking for something all feels like he is looking for death to rejoin those who have died under his watch (he also says the townspeople were on the phone), even though he has gone on the record in Season 2 as not being religious. Unfortunately Rick addressing his problems with Hershel came way too late in the episode, about ¾ of the way in, which resulted in his character disappearing for most of the episode and him not being forced to deal with his issues. In Rick’s absence Glenn decided to take power. Even though he was convinced by Hershel to not sneak into Woodbury with Michonne to assassinate the Governor, Glenn would not budge on his desire to stay put and fortify the prison. It was clear he was in over his head and Hershe’s pleas to get the rage out of his heart fell on deaf ears. Maggie is not fond of the new Glenn either as she comes clean about the Governor not actually raping her just that she decided to get naked at his request so that Merle wouldn’t chop Glenn’s hands off. They had been at odds for these first two episodes so it should be interesting to see if that continues. Glenn went to go check out the collapsed side of the prison where Tyreese and his gang (nowhere to be seen or heard this episode) found their way in. Glenn’s absence when his leadership was needed most at the end of the episode was just the cherry on the sundae of Glenn’s poor leadership skills. Somehow The Walking Dead managed to make Glenn into a worse leader than crazy-man Rick. The Dixon brothers’ nature hike didn’t last long. Daryl was wearing down Merle’s idiocy regarding the prison when he heard a baby crying in the distance. Daryl rushed to help a three-person group from zombies while Merle basically watched (he did kill one zombie that was after Daryl). After all the zombies were dispatched Merle tried to steal some supplies from the group as payment for saving them, only for Daryl to brandish his crossbow on his own brother. The two brothers then yelled at each other in the woods, Daryl bringing up their past as Merle left Daryl to be beaten by their dad and announced he was returning to Rick and the group whether Merle came or not. Unfortunately Merle brings up a stupid piece of information regarding the Dixons original plan of robbing the camp, which will probably rear its innocuous head again later in the season. Things seemed to be back to normal in Woodbury. The Governor apologized to Andrea about not leading in last week’s episode and then told her she may have to lead so that he can get his mind right, to which Andrea really didn’t respond. The Governor, however, doesn’t trust Andrea as she tells Milton to keep a watchful eye on her while threatening him. The Governor then disappears. Only to resurface with a posse and kill the very unsuspecting Axel, who had been flirting it up with Carol all episode. This was definitely a surprise in the show as there was just enough time given in between Andrea looking for the Governor in Woodbury and the attack to make the viewer kind of forget about the Governor’s whereabouts. Needless to say a gun battle ensues with everyone in Rick’s group taking up a weapon and returning fire. The battle pulled Rick out of his crazy stupor as well. Just as the fight seemed to be winding down a truck rammed through the outer gates of the prison and then released a bunch of zombies to infest the grounds. The Governor was reveling in all the mayhem. Rick soon ran out of ammo and was about to be overtaken by zombies when Daryl and Merle showed up in the nick of time to save him. The only other casualty, besides Carol’s conscious (she used Axel as a human shield to hide behind the onslaught of bullets), was some random Woodbury goon. Michonne ran across the newly infested field, slicing zombie heads in half along the way, to save Hershel as he lay in the field and Glenn pulled up in the car to bring them to safety. Unfortunately the gun battle was fairly dull aside from the opening sniping shot of Axel. The special effects were all fine but the tension of the battle was lacking. Rick’s group was very spread out and the barrage of bullets seemed very isolated to individuals as opposed to an insurmountable onslaught. It seems inevitable that Rick will take the leadership reins at least one more time, although this will probably be dragged out, and that he will allow Michonne, Merle, and Tyreese and his group to live in the prison and help defend it. Kill of the Week Daryl redefined the term “vehicular manslaughter” when he collapsed a zombie head into a car window and then made another zombie head explode with one robust trunk door slam.