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Colbie Caillat ditches Photoshop in new “Try” music video

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Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat did what few stars do and ditched hair and makeup and Photoshop in her new music video for her song “Try.” The Grammy Award winner told Elle that she had been feeling pressure to look and sound a certain way so she decided to revolt against conformity with her lyrics and video. The song “Try” is about embracing natural beauty and not getting all dolled up just because society pressures women to. Caillat admitted that she does enjoy getting glamorous occasionally but does not think girls should always be expected to be perfect. “When you don’t wear makeup, you hear things like, ‘Oh wow, you look tired or you’re so brave for not wearing makeup!” The video also featured other women going from fixed up to their natural beauty. Caillat said she wanted to get across the message that everyone has “flaws” or insecurities, even celebrities. “We all get it, so let’s just kind of laugh about it together.” Caillat has a new EP out called Gypsy Heart. She is currently on her Gypsy Heart tour,. Dates are listed on her website. Credit: Roger Wong/