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Kanye West takes the microphone from best female video winner Taylor Swift as he praises the video entry from Beyonce at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York, in this September 13, 2009 file photo. West is painting a new picture on MTV on Thursday, debuting a video he hopes will offer fans a better image of himself than the one he made at the network's award show last year.  REUTERS/Gary Hershorn/Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Kanye West apologized to Taylor Swift Saturday via Twitter for jumping on stage while she was giving her acceptance speech after winning the award for Best Female Video during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. West grabbed the microphone out of her hand and told the audience that Beyonce should have won the award. In a series of Twitter posts, the rapper explained how sorry he is for ruining Swift's moment, and revealed that he even wrote her a song. “I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that's so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her. ... She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows,” West tweeted. “She had no idea what hit her. She's just a lil girl with dreams like the rest of us. She deserves the apology more than anyone.” After the VMA incident, the Grammy-winning rapper lost a number of fans, was booed at concerts, and was even called a “jackass” by President Barack Obama. He appears to have learned from his mistakes, as he tweeted, “When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE ... I take the responsibility for my actions."