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Basics of Catholicism restored with Pope Francis

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Since Pope Francis has come into power in the church many millennial Catholics feel as though the days of having to defend their faith is over. The Catholic Church has been surrounded by negativity for the past decade or so. As a young Catholic, I take a look at Pope Francis and say, “Finally!” Catholics, like myself have come through a dark age in the church, full of sexual abuse scandals and the newspaper trials associated with those scandals. Francis faced these scandals and demoted cardinals that knowingly swept these issues under the rug. According to The Atlantic, many young Catholics, like myself, continued to do what many Catholics do during this time of hardship in the Church: they served the poor. What the pope is finally pushing all Catholics to do is not a new concept! This is what I was taught in Sunday school, each and every Sunday. We should be humble. We should help the poor. We should not spend all of our time and money on ourselves, but give to those in need, give to God. I am glad that the pope is focusing on the act of giving, social inequality and social injustice instead of contraception and abortion. According to The Huffington Post, 2,000 immigrants in a shelter near the Vatican received Christmas gifts from Pope Francis today. That is what Catholicism is about, to me. That is what I always identified with my faith. Not the debates about abortion, nor the sexual abuse scandals. It is what I hope others remember as well as Pope Francis attempts to restore our faith, to restore the Church.