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'Fringe' Recap: Entrada

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

This episode of Fringe contains the universe-blending action we’ve all be waiting for. Beginning with credits that are tinged with both blue and red, Entrada deals with the dilemma of how our Olivia will return to our universe, and what will happen when Peter and the rest of the Fringe team discover that the alternate Olivia has infiltrated their lives and friendships. The adventure begins right where it left off two weeks ago, with Peter answering a call from a woman from New York, revealing that our Olivia is trapped on the other side. The look on Peter’s face tells us everything. All of his worst suspicions and fears regarding the fake Olivia’s behavior has been confirmed, and now he has to pretend like everything is all right in order to find a way to quickly help our Olivia. The woman’s call comes to him around 12:15 AM, and Peter waits until 2:15 AM to snoop around the alternate Olivia’s things. Because they have similar computers, Peter switches his computer with Olivia’s, and attempts to access secured files on Olivia’s computer. While doing this, the alternate Olivia wakes up and goes to see what Peter is up to. He nonchalantly tells her that he is sending an email to an old friend in Corinth, Greece, and she does not recognize that he is using her computer. Peter tests the alternate Olivia, speaking a Greek phrase meaning “Be a better man than your father.” The alternate Olivia asks, “What does that mean?” With this question, Peter knows that this is not his Olivia. Peter first heard this phrase when Olivia spoke it to him upon returning to consciousness after being in the alternate world for the first time, after seeing William Bell. The alternate Olivia figures out her mistake and pulls a gun on Peter, saying: “I failed the test, didn’t I?” Peter is then forced at gunpoint to inject himself with a paralytic drug. After, the alternate Olivia makes her escape to the Bronx typewriter. She types that her cover has been compromised, and she needs an extraction. The credits run, and Broyles is informed about Olivia’s predicament. Broyles is surprised to hear that Olivia and Peter had formed a more than friendly relationship, but throughout the episode, he shows his support by reassuring Peter that Olivia will return. The episode then shifts to the other universe. Walternate informs his scientist, Brandon, that he wants to retrieve his Olivia from the other side. To do this, Brandon would need to send someone of equal mass back to our universe to replace the fake Olivia. The natural choice is to send our Olivia back, but Brandon wants to study her. They devise a plan to kill our Olivia by extracting her organs and then sending her carcass to the other side so that the fake Olivia can return. Shifting back to our universe, Peter discovers that when the fake Olivia fled, she took his computer instead of her own. Astrid and Peter crack the passwords on the fake Olivia’s computer, and watch videos of the fake Olivia being debriefed by her superiors on the personality traits of our Olivia. In the meantime, Walter has no idea how to get our Olivia back from the other side. It is impossible for anyone to cross over safely without our Olivia’s help. He then proceeds to go on a tirade against the fake Olivia, saying she corrupted Peter with her “vagenda” (an excellent pun to describe her seductive womanly ways), and corrupted Walter through his stomach (at this time, he is eating the pastries fake Olivia bought for him). Astrid notes that the pastries that Olivia buys for Walter are from a bakery in the Bronx. This leads the Fringe team to the typewriter store that the fake Olivia fled to in the beginning of the episode. The store manager originally tells Peter that he has never seen Olivia’s face before, but then Peter finds his computer. The manager allows them into the room that houses the typewriter that can communicate between universes. From this, Peter discovers that the fake Olivia is headed to Penn Station. Back in the alternate universe, Broyles goes to see our Olivia in her prison cell on Liberty Island. Olivia has markings all over her face and back, and she knows that Walternate is planning on killing her by removing her brain so that he can use it for further study. When Broyles enters Olivia’s cell, he thanks her for not betraying him. She politely asks how his son is doing, and Broyles reveals that his son is ‘coming back’ to his old self. Olivia then gets a bit desperate. She begs Broyles to help her escape so that she can get back to the other side. Broyles refuses, saying that our universes are at war and releasing her would be traitorous to his world. Olivia explains that our world is not at war with his. She explains that this entire mess occurred because a man crossed over to save a boy, and 25 years later, Olivia returned to save that same boy. Olivia believes that both universes can survive; there has to be another way. Broyles leaves her, saying that he cannot help. At his home, Broyles speaks to his wife. He is conflicted about what to do because if he does not help our Olivia, billions of people will die in the war between universes. He does not want to be a part of that. His wife tells him that she always knew that he was the best man to protect the world, and that there is still HOPE. In the next scene our Olivia is bound to an operating table, unable to move because of some sort of paralytic. Broyles breaks into the operating room just as Brandon is about to cut Olivia open. He kills Brandon and gives Olivia a shot of adrenaline so that she can move. They run to the laboratory where the tank is, but they find the tank empty. Olivia then tells Broyles that she needs to get to Walternate’s laboratory in Boston, where another tank should be found. The two escape Liberty Island, but not before Olivia grabs bags of what she thinks is Cortexiphan. She explains to Broyles that the Cortexiphan could be used to help his people cross over to the other side. They get to Boston and fill up a tank just as the police arrive. Olivia climbs in and Broyles closes the doors. Olivia hears gunshots. Back on our side, Peter, Walter, and Broyles arrive at Penn Station. Broyles gives Peter a gun, and in a funny moment, Walter tells Broyles that he probably should not be given a gun. Broyles replies, “Good idea.” At the station, the fake Olivia meets with a shape shifter. He takes her into a bathroom and starts shooting magnetic like things into her hands and back. Her universe transport is scheduled at 4:00 PM. Peter sees the fake Olivia and the shape shifter come out of the bathroom, and he screams for them to freeze. They run back into the bathroom, but Olivia comes out holding a woman as a hostage. Peter yells at the woman to tell him her daughter’s name. The woman hesitates. Peter shoots the woman in the head, knowing that it’s really the shape shifter. Olivia is apprehended and put into a van. Before being escorted to the police station, Olivia tells Peter that this started out as just an assignment, but it turned into something more. At first Peter does not believe her, but then he goes through her bag and finds pictures of them together. Back at Walter’s lab, Astrid is the only one there. She begins to hear sounds from around the deprivation tank. Our Olivia emerges, and then proceeds to pass out. Back at the police van, Walter figures out what the shape shifter shot into the fake Olivia’s hands and back. They are harmonic rods that help in the travel between universes. At exactly 4:00 PM, the fake Olivia travels back to her universe—but someone had to take her place in ours. Peter opens the police van doors, and tells Broyles not to look inside. Broyles does not pay attention and looks in to see the alternate version of himself—dead with the entire left side of his body missing. On the other side, the fake Olivia is back to her red hair again and walking through her Fringe division. She speaks with Lincoln Lee and everything appears to be back to normal. Except their Broyles is missing. Back to our world, the manager of the typewriter store gets injected with some medication that allows him to walk better. In exchange for this medication, the manager gives the doctor a piece of the doomsday device that the fake Olivia stole from the FBI. In the final scene, Olivia wakes up in the hospital to find Peter sitting by her. She tells him, “You were the only thing that got me through…you saved my life.” It ends with Peter kissing her forehead.