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It's Tom Sawyer like you've never seen him before, and that's not just an understatement.

Hulu, whose famous tagline is "where you can watch your favorites anytime for free," has provided a 1 hour and 28 minute MGM musical video (released in 2000) of an animated Tom Sawyer and his best bud, Huck Finn.

But, these characters aren't depicted into cartoon people. Try a cat and a fox with a country twang, who are both oblivious to the obvious.

With that said, here we have two friends. Tom (played by Rhett Akins), who doesn't like school and is always snitched on by his cousin for running into mischief, meets up with Huck (played by Mark Wills), who's usually fishing by a pier and doesn't try to get an education at all. By imagination, it is assumed that he is an orphan fox.

Of course, in every story just about, there's a love interest. While Tom has completely forgotten about his "engagement" with a tom-boyish female feline named Amy Lawrence (Clea Lewis), he's star struck after he's laid eyes on Becky Thatcher (Hynden Walch) -- a new classmate and a rich cat from a well-to-do family who dons a pink dress (and raises an umbrella over her head 24/7).

And throughout the adventures of Tom and Huck, they soon realize that they have much bigger fish to fry: saving an animated Mayberry-like town from a grizzly bear named Joe (Hank Williams, Jr. and Kevin Michael Richardson) wreaking havoc by murder, stealing and kidnapping. So, it's up to the two loud talking carefree pals to save the day.

It takes them a while after getting sidetracked with love, going to Dead Man's Cave and painting boats. But once they put their heads together, they undoubtedly surprise the town with the ending results, which concludes on a sweet note.

A must see, if you like musicals. And it's not just for children, but the entire family. So, heat up a batch of Orville Redenbacher's gourmet popping corn and be prepared to get your laugh on.