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David Spade says that his ex-girlfriend, Heather Locklear, is doing "good" after her recent arrest for suspicion of DUI and that he has been in touch with her via text, reports Us Magazine.

The comedian took time to let Us Magazine know Wednesday, "I texted her to check on her."

He also said of the hype surrounding the arrest, "I think things get blown out of proportion."

"She's always solid and always a great person," said Spade, and he was sure other people would have similar nice things to say about Locklear.

"I think people understand it's a tough situation and she's good. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't feel for her or have nice things to say about her in my experience."

After responding to a complaint that she had been driving "erratically," the responding officer found Locklear's car parked blocking a lane on the state highway and took her in for suspicion of DUI.

Reportedly, she was released shortly after being booked.