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Harrison Ford discharged from the hospital after plane crash

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Harrison Ford has been released from the UCLA Medical Center after almost a month of getting treatment for injuries related to a plane crash on March 5. Ford, 72, crashed his plane at a Venice, California golf course and suffered from a few broken bones and a gash to the head. He had emergency surgery and his son, Ben, said he was “battered, but ok” at the time. A source told People they saw the Star Wars star driving around Los Angeles over the weekend, indicating he’s been discharged from the hospital and hopefully on the road to recovery. Ford’s wife, Calisa Flockhart, was by his side at the hospital daily. “She [would] drop Liam off in the morning and then spend hours with Harrison," a source told People. "She [brought] him food and reading material." This isn’t Ford’s first recent trip to the hospital, as he was injured on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last summer. image via