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Copyright Claims Filed for Marvel Characters

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Disney Acquires Marvel Comics For $4 Billion

It looks like Disney may not get be able to use the Hulk as a theme park character. The family of late artist Jack Kerby has filed "notices of termination" that seek to regain copyright control of the characters originally created by the artist.

Kerby is known for co-created a slew of Marvel characters in the 1960's, such as X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Thor and the Incredible Hulk. He was the artist and co-plotter with Stan Lee.

The artist's children have served the notices to Disney, Marvel, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures.

Kerby left the company in 1970 to work for DC Comics. According to copyright law, he was not allowed to file claim to copyright his work for Marvel until 56 years after the publication. He died in 1994.

The notices are scheduled to take place over a 45-year period. The Fantastic Four claims will take place in 2017, with the Hulk in 2018, and X-Men in 2019.

Earlier September, Disney bought Marvel in a much-publicized deal for $4 million dollars.

Source: LA Times