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Kesha and Dr. Luke's lawsuit continues

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Kesha's ongoing battle with former producer Dr. Luke is far from over. The lawsuit has been going strong for all of 2016 and there's no sign that it will ending soon. Both parties have filed court papers with new information. To no surprise, Kesha is still trying to end her six-album contract with Dr. Luke. The artist has accused the producer of abuse and sexual assault. Dr. Luke on the other hand is suing both Kesha and her mother for defamation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he is claiming she "fabricated her account of abuse in order to win a better contract." For the singer's defense, she is claiming Luke withheld royalties from her on the song "Timber" which she released with Pitbull. Another major appeal the singer made was that she is almost out of time. Luke's contract with Sony is ending in March 2017. With Sony gone, Kesha will then be an artist for only Luke. This giving him more power over her career then he ever had before. More depositions from the two are to come during the week. However, Kesha has still been making music. The singer shared this welcome sign from a recording studio on Jan. 13.