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Brian Williams handles fire alarm like a pro

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Well why wouldn't he? He did serve as a volunteer fireman in his New Jersey hometown. E! News reported Brian Williams was in the middle of delivery a segment on his new news magazine, Rock Center, about American Airlines filing for bankruptcy when the fire alarm went off. "You'll forgive us, we have a fire alarm announcement going on here in the studio," he said, cool as a cucumber. According to the Washington Post, the alarm was just a drill and that technicians were unable to quickly turn off the new studio's loudspeakers. After that AA segment, the alarm went off several more times throughout the newscast. But he put up a tough fight, throwing the news to Washington D.C. correspondent Tom Costello, reporting on Dr. Conrad Murray's sentencing and then talking about politics with Andrea Mitchell. “Thanks for bearing with us here and our difficult fire alarm…we continue to be under no danger,” he said. Unfortunately West Coast viewers missed the pure professionalism, as the newscast was re-taped without alarm interruptions. Maybe the network ordered the alarm to add some more drama to Rock Center, which has been having trouble drawing in viewers. Check out Williams and his airline segment in the video below.