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New York Knicks may sign Lamar Odom (Report)

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The New York Knicks may be looking to sign Lamar Odom. According to ESPN, Knicks president Phil Jackson is looking to sign Odom to a roster spot before the Knicks regular season comes to an end. A source says that the Knicks want to sign Odom to a contract before their final regular season game on Wednesday, April 16. The contract would also include a team option for the Knicks to bring Odom back for next season. This would allow for the Knicks to see during the off-season whether or not Odom is capable of playing for them next season. The New York Post reports how Jackson has already met with Odom and is considering signing him to a roster spot to play in the Knicks final games of the season. Odom and Jackson already have a connection due to Odom playing for Jackson for five years as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.As a member of the Lakers Odom won two NBA Championships. Coming to the Knicks would bring Odom back to his hometown because he is a native of Queens. Odom, has yet to play this season due to problems in his personal life. Odom allegedly had a problem with drugs and last summer he got arrested and charged for DUI.