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Channing Tatum reveals worst costumes he ever had to dance in

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Channing Tatum’s newest film Magic Mike is releasing both good and bad memories for the hunky actor. Despite earlier claims that he stole moves from former dancing co-workers, that appears to be the least of Tatum’s worries as he reveals some of the costumes that he used to have to dance in in his earlier stripper days include both a clown outfit as well as a boy scout uniform. Tatum tells Access Hollywood that at the time, he fought his boss with any possible argument that a clown outfit would not work for the ladies and gents eager to see him disrobe but lost the battle. He states, ”It was the worst idea I’ve ever heard.” He goes on to explain, “I came out and crickets…crickets…Crickets! People didn’t know if it was a joke or if it was supposed to be for real. No one cheered, no nothing.” The Magic Mike star also spoke of a boy scout routine, which he admits was a “bad idea” but that the clown gig was the worst idea of them all. He danced as a scout in front of six of his sisters closest friends while his sister adverted her eyes. Tatum shows off his new moves on June 29.