Quickie 10 Empires

  • 1. Are you a tech person?

    Yes. Only with iMessage and instagram tho

  • 2. Light or sound sleeper?

    Sound deep sleeper

  • 3. Do you ever look up your symptoms online?

    100% of the time.

Number Jam a mathematical randomness of random

  • $91,056,000

    Opening weekend for Inside Out, the biggest opening ever for an original film.

  • $77,025,481

    The previous opening weekend box office record for an original film, held by Avatar in 2009.

  • $102,019,000

    2nd weekend for Jurassic World, which is enough for it to retain the #1 spot.

  • 14

    Number of films Pixar has released that debuted at the #1 spot, making Inside Out the studio's first film to not achieve this goal.