Live At Orion

Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

(2-CD set) 'Live at Orion' was recorded during the simakDialog's 2013 tour culminating with the gig at Orion Studios in Baltimore. On these two discs the Indonesian band offers up their own brand of inspired and spirited music of extreme integrity which listens as much as it speaks. Composer and (Fender) Rhodes scholar, Riza Arshad, possesses one of the most capable sets of hands ever to grace a Fender Rhodes. His manipulation of this classic keyboard, whose warm and slightly rounded metallic voice has helped define modern jazz, brings out the very best it has to offer as he charts out new territories of sound. Arshad's wonderfully sophisticated compositions form the perfect armature for the musicians to flesh out the sound in a very organic way that compels the listener to deeply take it all in. 6-panel eco wallet packaging Tohpati's guitar work is the perfect dancing partner to Arshad's keys as he can lead or follow depending on the needs of each composition. His subtle atmospherics bring to mind David Torn, Terje Rypdal and Nels Cline, while his leadwork can possess both the fluidity of Holdsworth and the aggressiveness of Jeff Beck. Though there is no shortage of acrobatic axe-wielding on ""Live at Orion"", Tohpati's democratic interplay with Riza's -gorgeous Rhodes is the real star here - creating a powerful synergy that gives voice to the whole of the music over its parts. The rhythm section of Endang Ramdan and Erlan Suwardana, each on Sudanese kendang percussion, along with Cucu Kurnia on assorted metal percussion and the understated and convincing ""Bitches Brew"" funk groove of bassist Rudy Zulkarnaen,creates a formidable foundation of one of the most original and innovative progressive electric jazz artists today.