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By Eric Drumm

Death All Over The Place

If you’re anything like me, you get a little attached to the characters in the books you read.  You laugh with them, cry with them, and you genuinely care about their well being and what happens to them.
So what about when they die?
I just got caught up with a series where basically the entire supporting cast got killed in a matter of pages.  Like everyone.  It was a friggin’ slaughter.  I had been with these folks for eight volumes and now they are all dead.  So what now?  With everyone dead, its going to change the whole dynamic of the book.  With only two people escaping with their lives, now what’s gonna happen?
On one hand, this makes me kind of angry.  Angry at those who killed my friends, angry at the writer for killing them off in the first place, and angry that I was duped into loving these characters in the first place.  This right here kids is why I love comic books.  This book got a genuine real life reaction of me.  I sat up in my bed after reading the last volume, tossed it aside and said “God, that was AWFUL!” And that is the sign of a good book.  I lost sleep, I thought about it the next day.  Sure, I’m angry and sad, but now I want to know what happens next more than ever.
Good comics are all about emotion.  If you care about these characters so much that is transcends the fifteen minutes it takes to read an issue, then it’s a winner.
- Drumm.