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By Eric Drumm

New York Comic Con - on the scene!

Well kids, its that time again ...
Like a case of nerd herpes, convention season is back and very angry.  Kicking things off this year is the fourth annual NEW YORK COMIC CON.  Starting this friday Feb 6th, things are looking to be just as bonkers as they were last year.  Creators, movie studios, retailers, panels and more geeky shit that you can shake a stick at, it'll all be there.
Literally, there is so much going I won't even bother listing it.  Most likely, I will be hanging around the Marvel and DC booths and emptying my wallet in Artist Alley.  So if you see me walking around, come say hi.  Not like you know what I look like or anything.
Anyhoo, I will be typing up my experiences and posting them right here.  If there are any events in particular you folks would like my two cents and maybe some photos of, please let me know.
If not, I will be geeking out and drinking heavily for three days.
For more on NYCC, check out the official site -
More to come!