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By Lee Roberts

New Peter Parker and what's the deal with so many titles of the same thing

Well, it’s been decided, Andrew Garfield is going to be the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Who is this guy? I have no clue. Before now I’ve never seen him and if I have he didn’t make any kind of impression on me to make me remember him.
So can this guy be the new Peter Parker/ Spider-Man? I don’t know really. I haven’t seen him in anything so I can’t say anything about his acting abilities. All that leaves me to judge right now is his looks. Depending on what version of Peter Parker you compare Andrew Garfield to, he could be a good Peter Parker and a bad one.

Bad version would be if you are a long time Spider-Man fan and you know the Peter Parker look of when he first started out. That is, the geeky, small, skinny, kid with glasses that didn’t look good. Now I bring up this look because this new movie will be a reboot of the movies which mean that the movie will start over and give the story of Spider-Man from the beginning again. That means this geeky Peter Parker with the glasses that was skinny is where we start from. But this is the original look of Peter Parker. With this look of Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield would not pass for the character. He’s too much of a movie star look with that pretty boy look.
That leads me to Andrew Garfield being able to be Peter Parker. With the newer look of Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield could be the character. That would be with going with the Ultimate Spider-Man look of Peter Parker. The look where he’s just this kid that don’t look too bad but is just smart and shy. With this newer, updated version this would be a possible match for the character. Which in all actuality it’s going to be because this is the new updated version of the character and it will appeal to the younger generation that will make them want to see the movie.
Me, I’m kind of leaning towards the geeky look for the character. It’s the one I grew up with and the one that I know. It’s also the reason that made the character so identifiable, because he was just this kid that didn’t quite fit in while in high school and come on be honest, who really felt like they fit in when they were in high school.
Keeping with the movie theme for a minute longer. I saw the trailer for the new movie Green Hornet. I’m split on how I’m feeling already about the trailer. One side I think it looks like it will be a fun movie to watch with lots of actions, cool scenes, and some funny lines. On the other side I remember the Green Hornet being a guy that was cool, suave, and though he wasn’t as good as Kato he knew how to fight. This Green Hornet showed me Seth Rogan being a guy with money that just liked to party and now he wants to do some good and because he has the money to do it he will. For now I’m still looking forward to seeing it though.

Now for the comic side to this. What’s the deal with all the Avengers titles? If I’m not seeing Deadpool on the rack at the shop it’s an Avengers title that’s there. Though I’m buying most of them I’m wondering why I am. Right now there is just way too many of these titles that are becoming fades for the moment and not enough of main titles out there. Right now it feels more like the comics are becoming a reality tv show type publishing.


What I mean is that instead of going with the main characters with a title that stays going for more than just 6 issues the companies are putting out these limited series titles that are with the character that’s popular at the moment. I know this is good in a way cause it will keep the companies in business and that keeps me furnished with comics. Then again it gives me less of the ones I really want that will keep me interested for a long period. Now all I get when I finish the limited issue series is a feeling where I didn’t get anything for the $25 to $40 dollars that I spent on getting these comics. Not something I like after I finish reading a comic.

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