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The Avengers is Out and Character of Week 19

I’m talking about the Avengers movie that I went to last night at the midnight showing after watching Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, and Captain America. That’s right I watched 5 movies in a row, at the theater, and it was awesome. Getting to watch most of the movies (Regal didn’t show the Incredible Hulk) that led up to the Avengers was such a fun day. With each movie that played I remembered how I felt when it first came out and that first time I saw the teaser at the end that gave a little hint to the Avengers.

After 5 movies, 4 years of waiting, the grand beginning has come out and I can’t wait to go watch it again. Avengers have given what the fans wanted and more. This movie was shocking with some of the moments that happen, there’s trust issues, anger issues, and so much action that I think I might have drooled a little. I’m not going to give anything away, but I will say this. GO WATCH THE AVENGERS!
Oh, I will also say this, stay through the credits. Yes, there is something worth watching in them and I was wondering if it was going to be done now that the Avengers is out. With Iron Man seeing that little clip at the end with Fury was great, it was unexpected, and it gave us our first mention of the Avengers movie. Now that the movie is out I was wondering what if anything might be done at the end of the movie. Would the tease the next Avengers movie? I mean come on with as much hype and expectation this movie has gathered even before it released how would they not do another? Maybe they would tease the next Iron Man movie (which is filming in Wilmington NC), or how about Captain America 2, Thor 2, or maybe even the Nick Fury movie? Any of these would be tease worthy and would really be cool to see. What is at the end? Well, it’s, no I’m not telling, like I said, GO WATCH THE AVENGERS! When you do, then you will see and if you don’t know what it is, you got the net, get on it, come to my blog, ask me, or wait till the blog where I talk about it, I’m guessing that one will be soon cause it’s already out as to what that clip is.

Avengers really pleased me with how well Joss Whedon handled all the characters. With there being so many of them on screen at the same time I figured it would be too much to really get a good movie from. We’ve had problems like this before, remember Mortal Kombat 2, how they were throwing out characters left and right, that movie had too many characters that were given screen time, and because of that there was no solid story. I was hoping this was not going to happen to the Avengers, which it don’t, the characters actually work as a team rather than being given mini stories of their own that is supposed to build into one.
I was also pleased at how balanced the movie is with the action vs. personal scenes. Having scenes where the characters are just talking to each other or working something out is fine, I like those, especially with Tony Stark and Thor, well actually all of them, but this is the Avengers movie, I wanted action and fights not talking. And oh the fight scenes are amazing and so much more than I expected. I’ve read them in the comics, I’ve seen them in the animations and cartoons, but getting to see a live action fight between the heavy hitters was something totally unexpected on how awesome they were. Just getting to hear the sound of Mjolnir hitting had such a cool sound that I couldn’t get enough of it. This movie was worth the wait, now to wait for the next one.

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Also don’t forget tomorrow, May 5, is Free Comic Book Day.

Ok, so it’s more like characters of the week but the team itself is a character. When there is a threat that not one, two, or even three superheroes can handle, the Avengers will take care of it. There’s right now three teams, Avengers, Secret Avengers, and New Avengers, each of them with some of the coolest heroes in the Marvel Universe on them, which includes Spider-Man. Reading Avengers titles is always fun because with them you know you’re going to get stories that will be huge where the world is about to come to an end.