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2 Comics of the 90's Make a Come Back and Me Ranting about Ock/Spiderman



I can't believe the 90's are making a come back in comics but I'm liking the idea of these 2 new titles set to come out this year. Though one came out in 1999 to 2005 is the Tomb Raider comic, one that I bought and enjoyed along with the game. Coming out sometime after the new Tomb Raider game is released will be a new comic serious featuring our favorite buxom leading lady, Lara Croft. Though here's the catch with this title, which is called Tomb Raider: The Beginning, you have to pre order the video game to get the comic. It's going to be a 48 page six part hardcover book that tells the origin of Lara Croft but again you have to pre-order a $60 game to get the book. I want this and as much as I love the Tomb Raider games (I just bought the original first game for my PS Vita last night) I can't justify spending around $70 after tax on a game and then who knows how much on the comic itself. Which I'm thinking won't be $3.99 so odds are for this comic and the game you could be looking at around 100 bucks. For me that's just way too much, I'll do what I always do which is wait for a year when I can buy the game for $20 or less and I would bet that eventually they will put the comic out to general orders because there are going to be a lot of people that won't buy it just because they bought the game.

Along side that one is the new series that made us believe the truth was out there, yes The X-Files. When the first comics where coming out of the X-Files I tried really hard to get them but because of the lack of comic shops and my location being so far from them during the comics release, I missed some. But the ones I got I enjoyed and I'm looking forward to seeing a new series with my two favorite agents Mulder and Scully back on the scene.

These next few comics are for the rich because unless you have a lot of money you won’t be getting these. Heritage Auctions has some very cool and very rare items up for sale that will cost a small fortune to get. One is the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics #27  with a 6.7 CGC that’s got a current bid of $220,000. That’s right you see six numbers there. Another six digit price is $120,000 for John Romita Sr’s Amazing Spider-Man #121 cover art. Oh yes, if I actually had a couple hundred grand to spare I would buy this but my budget is around the $120. There’s a few other cool pieces of work that’s going for a cheaper price, the last page of The Dark Knight Returns has a bid of $19,000 and a copy of  Detective Comics #35 has a bid of $3,250.

It's the big weekend for the most watched football game and though it has nothing to do with comics it will have a new trailer for Iron Man 3. And that is why I bring it up on my blog because when a trailer appears during the Super Bowl it's usually a really good one. After all, they spend millions of dollars to have those fleeting seconds of time for millions of viewers to see so they make sure that it will catch your attention. Not that mine needs catching after watching Iron Man 1&2 as well as The Avengers, plus all the teasers that's been put out about the movie has me already hooked on wanting to see it. There's also the fact that the movie was shot in Wilmington, NC so I'm hoping to see some scenes that I will know.

If you are a eager one then you can go online right now to look at the preview of the trailer but me I want to wait. If this was a normal trailer than I would look but with this being the trailer for the Super Bowl I don't want anything to be spoiled before watching it as it airs. Though I have seen the new teaser poster that's out for IM3 which is very cool looking and seems to have put Iron Man/Tony Stark in some danger. Since I don't know anything about the movie other than the Mandarin being the villain I wouldn't know why the new poster shows him falling out of the sky like that but I like it.

The Fearless Defenders #1 (multiple variant covers)
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Will Sliney and Mark Brooks
Cover Price $2.99
Plot: There's a new team of Defenders that feature Misty Knight and Valkyrie going after some new villains. Need I say more? Valkyrie!

Emily and the Strangers #1
Written by Rob Reger and Mariah Huehner
Art by Emily Ivie
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 30, 2013
Plot: Come on do you really need a plot? It's Emily the Strange!

Look at that a new section and topic for me to talk about. Maybe I should say rant about because I'll mainly be ranting about how my favorite character is continually being slaughtered in the Superior Spider-Man title. Anyone that's read my blog will know that I'm not a fan of what's going on with the character by having Doc Ock kill Peter Parker and then taking over his body. It's not right, it's not fun, and it's most assuredly not Spider-Man but onto my rant huh.
For my first rant I'll focus on what just happened in Superior Spider-Man #2 (SPOILERS FOLLOW) where we see the ghost/spirit/unseen memory of Peter Parker floating around Ock/Peter. This is the issue that focuses on Ock/Peter going after MJ and the ghost Peter freaking out about it. Well I'm right along there with him because this issue reminds me of how much this idea is horrible. Not only that but I'm really annoyed by the way it's being wrote by Dan Slott.

When I saw that video on the Marvel AR app where he says this will go on for awhile, that is Ock as Spider-Man I figured it would be at least a year before he introduced the possibility of Peter coming back. But this ghost thing is just a slap in the face by having Peter being there but not being there. Then there's all the little teases of having someone think something is off about Spider-Man/Peter Parker. In issue #2 it's Carlie who is talking with MJ about Peter being odd when at the end it shows that memory of Doc Ock with Peter talking. I get the idea that she might now believe what was told to her by Peter when he was in Ocks body dying and now she thinks that Ock is in the body. Plus MJ acting different around him, Daredevil thinking something, and then that teaser of Spider-Man being fired from the Avengers make me think someone is going to find out about the situation and try to change it. So if this is going to go on for awhile why have all these characters thinking something is up?