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Cost of Gwen and Goodbye Leonard Nimoy

Have you got your issue #1 of Spider-Gwen yet? Well, if not you can still snag a regular copy easy enough but if you want to get one of the variants you will have to pay a bit more to enough where you just might lose your breath. Ebay of course is the source for the majority of variants right now as well as there being other sites that have one to a few of the variants. My usual source for comics is now ebay, like most people, when it comes to getting the more pricy covers so I'm going to help you out some and make a list of some of the variants and the prices they are going for, roughly.
Yesteryear $30-$100

Adam Huges 1:100 $180-$600

Jorge Molina Connecting with Amazing Spiderman #15 $10-$60 for both and for color or black & white

J Scott Campbell (there are 4 versions, 2 for Midtown, and 2 regular variants both sets have 1 color/1 B&W) $13-$60

Humberto Ramos (most are bids, few buy nows) starting at $6.50- $60

Adam Hughes Conquest that has 3 variants of this variant $15-$60 (watch how you get these if you do cause some are higher prices but include all 3 covers while some are just 1 cover)

Marvel is still pumping out info on the upcoming event, Secret Wars, where the newest bit of info is that the Runaways will be returning for the event. Though it's not surprising really that Marvel will be bringing back any character(s) for Secret Wars. From what I understand this will involve multi universe characters so they could bring in anyone they wanted to.
My question is just how big will this be?
So far from what I've been reading it's going to be huge but that's also not surprising. That's because this is supposed to be the reboot or whatever they are calling it, where we will get a new Marvel Universe. With everything ending or beginning, depending on your outlook, they will be milking, I mean, they will be giving us a lot of different stories that will make the Secret Wars make sense as well as be the lead in to the new books. Right now though I just see a lot of dollars being spent.

At this point I'm sure you've heard that Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock, has passes away. It was a shock hearing that he did and it is sad that he has so I want to give some respect for the actor for doing what he did, which is entertain, influence, and inspire so many people over his career and life. He had a long career where he did many things, most known was Spock on Star Trek, but he was also a voice actor where he did the voice for The Zarn on Land of the Lost, he was on many television shows from Bonanza, The Tall Man, Rawhide, The Untouchables, to newer ones like The Big Bang Theory as well as appearing in the new Star Trek movies. Though he is most known for Spock and his acting, he was also a writer where he wrote I Am Spock, two volumes, and even was involved with some comic books. He was also a singer where he did some albums for Star Trek and directed some movies and shows. He was and is a legend in the science fiction world and with movies/television and it does suck that he will no longer be around.