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By Lee Roberts

Countdown to Dragon Con 2015


See that image? There's only 35 days left (at the time of this writing), until Dragon Con 2015. This year looks to be very promising, there are as usual a lot of guests, in all forms from authors, celebrities, to comic creators attending that are very well known. There as usual are going to be a lot of events taking place at the con, such as the Bombshells by the Pool where you guessed it, bombshell girls will be by a pool where you get to just hang out at a pool, talk, and take photos. There's also the very popular panels that will be held throughout the days and con that always offer up at least some fun moments given by the guests and some even tell you some secrets about the topic of the panel that you won't get anywhere else (ok that really no longer means anything in this time period where everyone has a smart phone with social media accounts recording and posting what's being said but for those few seconds while at the con you will be the first ones to hear that secret before the rest of the world).

There are also all the games, the photo ops, the costumes, the parade (which don't let me under sale it by just throwing it out like it's not much because the parade is MASSIVE), shops, dealers, parties, dances, workshops, and more then I can sit here to type out. I say it to everyone that I meet when I learn they have never been to Dragon Con, it's an event that has at least 1 thing that you will like where it's in a friendly environment where everyone is welcome regardless of what you like or how you want to dress so you are almost sure to have fun. Each year I find new things to do there that I had no idea that it even was going on and I've been going for a number of years. So there really is something for everyone and it’s always fun.

To make this year even more special, for me that is, I will be going as a reporter for the first time. That's right, I'm now official press at Dragon Con and I can't wait. I have put in requests for interviews, which I'll be looking for questions if anyone has anything special they want to ask to people like Peter Mayhew, Julian Glover, Stephen Amell, Felicia Day, Amanada Conner, and Laura Vandervoort. First though let it be known that at this time I have not learned if I will be able to have the interviews, I might not, but I might also, I just don't know yet because I just put in the request form. However, it don't help if I'm not prepared to start even if I don't know if I will get them. If I do, I want to have questions on the ready. So again, you have something you want to ask, that's not the typical question such as how does it feel playing a superhero, but something different that will not put the guests on edge and that they will enjoy answering, well let me know and I will see if I can get it answered.