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By Lee Roberts

Avengers: Infinity War poster shown at SDCC 2017 and it has something to tell us.

So SDCC 2017 might be over but that don't mean there aren't more to gain from it. Like this wonderfully 3 part poster of the Avengers: Infinity War that was revealed at the con. Take a gander at the whole thing.


Ok, now that you have seen the whole poster did you notice anything? Aside from the Iron Spider? I'll wait while you look at it again......

Yeah, who are those 4 people? Here, take a closer look.



Those 4 would be the Black Order composing of these characters, in order of bottom furthermost away from Thanos up. 

Black Maw

Black Dwarf

Proxima Midnight

Corvus Glaive

Here's a look of them, though this image also includes Supergiant.



Now, if you also noticed that then you might have also noticed Cap and Widow.


Notice that not only is Cap rocking that beard but his suit has been stripped of it's symbols. No star or Avengers A on it any longer. Also, why is Black Widows hair blonde to white?