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By Lee Roberts

Walker Stalker Con 2017 Information

It’s October and that’s exciting!

If you are thinking it’s because of Halloween, then you are only a third correct in thinking that. What makes this month so exciting are 2 other reasons.

1 is that the new season of the Walking Dead will premiere on Oct 22.

2 The Walker Stalker Con happens just days after the premiere on Oct 27-29 in Atlanta, GA.

Usually I go to the con, sadly I won’t be able to make it out there this year but never fear, Shakefire will have a representative there, none other then Matt Rodriguez will be covering it. This will be an exciting one where I know fans will be wanting to know anything they can be told about the coming new season from the guest. This won’t happen of course but it will be fun to try to learn the spoilers.

Speaking of the guests, the line-up for this year is huge. Not only is the whole show cast going to be there, from ones that are no longer on the show like Jon Bernthal, there will also be the new ones like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Though if you want more incentive to go, you should see the other non Walker Starlker guest going. Like Lee Majors, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Henry Ian Cusick, Emilie De Ravin, Harold Perrineau, Tom Savini, and so many more.

If you want to meet the main cast of the Walking Dead you need to know this very important piece of information. Andrew Lincoln will only be there on Sunday, the rest will be there Saturday and Sunday. Also, you need to have your autograph/photo op plans made before going into the con. Excluding the unknown factors of the exact signing/photo times, you need to have the list of who you want, what you want, and where they will be seated at. This is because the lines will be very long and take time to get through. Be prepared so that when it comes time you will able to navigate through it all relatively easy.

To help do this make sure you have these important things with you.

1)      A backpack or bag you can wear or pull behind you. A bag you carry is ok but will get cumbersome after a while, especially when you start getting bumped and you have items you don’t want damaged. My best advice is a sturdy backpack with multiple storage areas. Don’t rely on one storage area. Have one that you can put your delicate items in while another storage area for pens/markers, another one for food and water, and then you will be safe.

2)      Water. Take a bottle or two in your bag so you can stay hydrated. Yes you will be able to buy some drinks at the con but you should always have at least one bottle of water with you for just in case.

3)      Snacks are also very important.  Take just small things that are dry goods so you can have a quick bite to eat to keep your energy levels up and so your mood stays good and you don’t start to feel sick. I go to the Dollar Store to get little breakfast bars to carry with me because they take up very little space, they are quick to eat, they keep me feeling good, and are cheap. Then when it comes time to buy my food while at the con I don’t have to feel like I’m starving and want to over order.

4)      Cash. Yes some of them will take the credit card but having a bit of cash on you for when you run into the ones that don’t use a card. Believe me, you don’t want to have been stuck in a line for 2 hours only to discover that you need cash. Also, if you talk to the dealers at the tables, you can sometimes get a better deal on a price if you have cash.

5)      If you can, take a backup battery for your phone or a portable recharger. Though most guests will not allow a free selfie or they won’t allow you to take pics of them just sitting at the table, but if they do allow it or you want to spend that extra money for a selfie, you don’t want our battery to be dead when you do it.

Aside from those things, take what you want as long as it’s allowed. Be mindful of some things though. Like umbrellas are or should be allowed in but you might have to check them with security. Also, if you are cosplaying, especially as Rick, where you have a gun, which it’s the Walking Dead so weapons are just part of the costume, then you need to be careful with them. Not just with how you use them but how they look. Don’t bring nothing real, it won’t be allowed in. It doesn’t matter that you know you won’t be using it as anything as a prop, the security won’t allow it in. With the fake weapons, even ones that are obviously fake, you will have to get them checked at security and odds are you will have some sort of zip tie or band put on them. Don’t go in thinking you can have a real or real looking gun or machete and not have it checked or taken.

Another very important thing to remember, don’t be rude. I’ve said before and I will always say it, don’t openly make fun of or laugh at someones cosplay. You might not think it looks good but they do and they might not have spent thousands of dollars on it or a year working on it, they still put some time and money in it. More importantly is that they had the courage to do cosplay. I don’t care if it’s a costume that came right from a movie prop or one that was made in someones bedroom, it takes a lot of courage to cosplay knowing that when they park and have to walk through the streets there will be people looking at them, wanting to take photos because they like the cosplay and some people that want to be jerks who will take photos to use as jokes to laugh at. Don’t be those people. Be nice, ask for permission to take a photo, and compliment them on the cosplay. Think of it this way. If you are not in cosplay and you want to laugh at them, then you try to think if you could do cosplay without feeling a little self-conscious of yourself and then see someone laughing at you.

Now, last thing to know about the Walker Stalker Con is that you will see a lot of cool things and you will see some of the guests walking around looking at stuff or just walking to their booths. Be cool about it, have your moment of wow and enjoy that you got to see them that way, but don’t become a paparazzi or yelling out at them to look at you. If they are beside you, say hi, be polite, don’t interrupt them if they are talking, and don’t try to ask for a selfie.