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By Lee Roberts

New Comic Books Are Back


Does that look like I’m yelling?

Good, because I am. It’s been a little over 3 months since the last new comic day gave us new release comic books but those days are gone (I hope, knock on wood). Shop are now getting new comics but it’s going to be a slow process as only a few books are getting published. Which I think is a good thing because I don’t want to be given a month to try to catch up on 3 months of books.

Right now it has been DC Comics that have been putting out the most of the new titles but there have been a few Marvels to be released. However, there are other publishers putting out titles, such as Boom!, Dark Horse, Dynamite, and IDW, just to name a few. By the way, Dynamite has put out a lot of titles as well.

This all bodes well for us comic readers but lets not forget to be cautious when we go to pick up the new titles. Comic shops need our business but they don’t need the virus, and neither do we, especially me since I’m the one that would have to deal with me if I got it. So, when going to get those titles, please remember to be respectful and cautious for yourself and others. Wear a mask, wear some gloves, stay 6 feet apart, and if the shop looks like there are too many people in there, wait until it empties out some. If you are afraid of missing a book, tell the shop owners to start you a pull list so you can be sure to get that title while also keeping yourself safe as well as helping the comic shop.