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Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 1 Issue 31

Eclipse is inching ever closer to $300M. Pro Networks does the math, I disseminate the knowledge!
The film is now within striking distance of the elusive $300M mark. It needs about $1.97M to get to that number. It took New Moon 18 more days to earn an additional $1.97M after its 61st day, and Eclipse is clearly doing better. On the other hand, New Moon was in 724 theaters after 61 days while Eclipse is at 476 locations. Still, even after New Moon's theater count had dropped to 444 (after 63 days) it still went on to take in another $3.8M. Therefore, it should take no more than one more month for Eclipse to earn another $1.97M and pass $300M.

Keeping track of records, the film with the least number of days to reach $250M was The Dark Knight, which hit $261,847,503 after eight days. New Moon is in 13th place, having taken 16 days to reach $251,530,186. Eclipse lands just behind it in 14th place, taking 16 days to reach $251,371,417. This puts the film ahead of Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and Iron Man 2, which all took 17 days to hit $250M.

So far, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has set all-time box office records for Opening Wednesdays, Single Day Wednesday Gross (non-adjusted), and Single Day Wednesday Gross (adjusted for inflation). It is in second place for Opening Day Gross, Single Day Gross, and Non-Opening Thursday Gross. Release records include Widest Releases, Widest Independent Releases, Widest Opening Independent Releases, Widest PG-13 Rated Openings, and Widest PG-13 Rated Releases. 

With so many records set, you might think Eclipse might’ve garnered all the focus one movie can. Close, but not quite. Last weekend’s Emmys ushered in a new season of awards and award shows. Eclipse is up for several.
Spike TV’s Scream Awards has nominated Eclipse in four categories:
The Ultimate Scream & Best Fantasy Movie: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Fantasy Actress: Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Fantasy Actor: Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga Eclipse
Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Breakout Performance – Male: Xavier Samuel, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
To vote, click HERE!   You can vote more than once. The 2010 Scream Awards will air on Spike TV Tuesday, October 19 at 9 pm EST. 
Those are not the only honors Eclipse might snag. Moviefone is conducting an “End of the Summer Movies” poll. Eclipse is slated in seven categories!  
Which movie was most worth your cash? The Twilight Saga:Eclipse
What was the best chick flick? The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Who was summer’s sexiest woman? Kristen Stewart, ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
Who was summer’s hottest leading man? Taylor Lautner, ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
Robert Pattinson, ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
Who was your favorite on-screen couple? Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
What was the summer’s best sequel/prequel? The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
What was the best gasp-worthy moment? Bella and Jacob kiss, ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
To vote, click HERE
Bits of Breaking Dawn
Rami Malek of Night at the Museum fame has been cast as Benjamin!  One of my personal favorites, Benjamin has a unique power of being able to control the elements. Still need a refresher?
Rami Malek will be joining the "Breaking Dawn" cast as Egyptian vampire Benjamin.
"I think it's going to be great," he told "ET." "It's going to be super exciting, and I'm thrilled."
In addition to "The Pacific," Malek has appeared in various films and TV shows, most recently in the "Night at the Museum" movies as Ahkmenrah. He is also in Tom Hanks' upcoming film "Larry Crowne."
So who is Benjamin? Fans of the books will remember him as a member of the Egyptian coven who, upon receiving word from Carlisle, comes to help Bella and the Cullens battle the Volturi. Benjamin is a young vamp blessed with the special ability of controlling the elements (à la Storm from X-Men), though he has yet to fully master his powers.{MTV}
Speaking of that “battle scene”, how is Melissa Rosenberg handling that forest full of new vamps, Volturi, Cullens & wolf pack?
That’s far from the only scene everyone’s worried about. Of course I’m referring to the birth scene that will live forever in infamy. Everyone is speculating, wondering, hoping, wishing, & cringing about how this could go. Rosenberg spoke to E! about how she’s handling this infamous scene.
"We're working on it," Rosenberg says of baby Renesmee's less-than-pretty arrival. "And we're working on it to be as intense as it is in the book."
Yikes. That could be a whole lotta gore.
"I don't think it's about the amount of blood you show," Rosenberg says. "It's about the intensity of it. It's on their faces. It's all from Bella's point of view when you're seeing what's going. It should feel visceral. I think it's going to be pretty intense."
What's Rosenberg's ETA on the final scripts? "It better damn well be before the beginning of November," she says, "because that's when we start shooting."
Twifun Time!
Kellan Lutz has an article & photo spread in GQ Style Italia. I love how much these photos resemble paintings. More photos


KStew will grace the cover of Marie Claire Australia’s October cover—now available! Is it just me or does she look far too photoshopped? So unnecessary! Kristen is a beautiful woman.

That's all for this week! Join me next Twilight Thursday for more news, videos, updates, & plenty of picspam!