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Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 1, Issue 42

 After the Eclipse

The Hillywood Eclipse Parody is here!
Here are some fun facts from Hillywood:
• Hilly twisted her ankle while on set of Eclipse Parody. She had partial tearing of the ligaments and went to physical therapy for 9 weeks.
• Eclipse Parody was shot in California, Nevada and even Forks, Washington.
• The three dresses shown in this production are recreations from Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Harper Bazaar photoshoot.
• The white dress in this production is a recreation of the dress Kristen Stewart wore on the red carpet for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse World Premier. {TwilightNovelNovice}
Here’s a first look at the menus and design on the upcoming Eclipse DVD {TwiCrack Addict}
Fairy Dust Cakes in Baton Rouge have been given the amazing oppurtunity of designing and creating Beward's wedding cake for Breaking Dawn. Here are some of their delicious delights!
Most of you Twi fans know in this area that a large portion of Breaking Dawn will filmed in Louisiana. We have the wonderful opportunity to be making Bella and Edwards wedding cake. Yes!!! You heard me correctly. I am a huge Twi fan and wiggled my way in to be making their cake for the movie. If all goes well it will not be vaguely in the shop or cropped out of the film all together. Who knows. Can't tell ya what it will look like...not until it opens in theaters, then you will get a clear shot of the cake Over the years we have made two of the opening premiere cakes for Rave Motion Pictures and this surely a great step up. Oh, we are definitely Team Edward!!! Ha {TwiCrack Addict}
Hollywood Life is reporting that Kenneth Cole is creating Mrs. Cullen’s wedding dress!
Famed fashion designer Kenneth Cole wants to see Kristen Stewart in a whole new lookfor Breaking Dawn. And if he has his way, Bella Swan may be vamped up to ward off bad vampires!
On Wednesday, November 10th, we talked to Kenneth at the grand opening of the Kenneth Cole Boutique at Santa Monica Place. “The dress would repel the less than desirable vampires,” the fashion icon tells
“It can pick and choose. It’s a smart dress. And with that kind of dress you can make it sexy and engaging or intimidating. So it depends on how you choose to wear that black leather dress.”
If you missed the last auction to win a trip to the Breaking Dawn set, which went for $61,000, here's another chance via  the GO Campaign. You’ve got 20 days left and it’s only up to $30,000!
The GO Campaign ( has partnered with leading charity auction site charitybuzz for its 2010 online auction to raise funds to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world. In an incredible gesture, Summit Entertainment has signed on to help GO achieve its goals by donating the ultimate Twilight experience.
One auction winner and three incredibly lucky friends will have the chance to experience first-hand the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the decade as they spend the day on the set of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, including the chance to meet the film’s star Robert Pattinson!
The auction package also includes 2 nights in a Deluxe Executive Suite at the elite Four Season Hotel in Vancouver and VIP Limo service to and from the Breaking Dawn set. Bidding is open through December 8th at charitybuzz
Reading the details on this prize is pretty illuminating! There’s even a code of conduct for winners
The winning bidder and 3 guests must sign a non-disclosure agreement and photos will be taken for you on site, but no cameras/camera phones will be allowed on the set. Auction is not open to members of the press or anyone affiliated with the press.
The opportunity to meet Robert Pattinson will depend on availability of his filming schedule. As last minute schedule changes cannot always be foreseen, accommodation of winner's schedule for meet and greet will be taken into consideration.

All Participants understand they will need to behave in a reasonable and appropriate manner at all times during the experience. Violations will invalidate the experience for all participants immediately and without refund. Causes for termination include but are not limited to: profanity, harassment, not following instructions of assigned escort or security as applicable, intoxication, taking unauthorized photos, or other codes of conduct which are considered unreasonable.
Kristen's Brazilian body/stunt-double was interviewed by Quem magazine . Roberta chats about meeting Rob and Kristen, being on set and how she got the role:
It all began in September when she and Raphael Martins, 22, Pattinson's look-a-like, did a photo shoot for a Brazilian newspaper. In late October, Roberta was called up to the producer Zohar, one of those responsible for filming in Rio after an indication by Raphael. "The cinematographer of the film joked that I was prettier than Kristen," she says. Prevented by contract to tell details of the shooting, Roberta had to hide the news from friends and even his brother Rafael, 11, who is a fan of the saga by Stephenie Meyer. Just told her mother. "The pay is in U.S. dollars. I can only say that it is good money," she says. "I'm not a fan. I saw the movie only because my friends said I looked like Kristen. I am not identical. We share the bright white skin, hair and delicate nose, " she says.

On Monday (9), Roberta and Raphael participated in a romantic sequence in a waterfall in Paraty, a city of Rio, which lasted about 12 hours. The cast and crew are there from Monday (9), since according to the original story is in this tropical setting that Edward and Bella are the honeymoon. Roberta says that when the actors came to film at the Gloria Marina in Rio's Zona Sul, Kristen shook her hand and Robert thanked her with a polite "thank you". "As I do not speak English, I did not try to respond back. They are really quick to shoot, no work at all" she says. "Sure, we wanted to take pictures and autographs with them, but we weren't allowed. They were super friendly. Kristen is much prettier in person." {RobPattzNews}
As previously reported, the Breaking Dawn set in Brazil was reportedly vandalized.  Well, there may be a new twist in this tale of fiery events. Apparently, a fan was on set and described a different account of what happened.
Paulie (@paulie_foforks), a fan who was on set, cleared everything up to @CullensNewsCom: “I was exactly on this place. They set a fire on a wall to make it look older. The fire was totally on purpose.  In the end, due to strong winds, the fire burned and melted part of a chemical toilet, nothing serious, totally controlled. They claim it was a rebelion by locals. It was not! At the time this happened, they hadn’t even closed the streets yet, there were no ‘angry locals’ around. {TwilightLexicon}
Now that the BD cast & crew have finished filming in Brazil it’s time to head back to Bayou! Louisiana filming will begin very soon and as usual, fans will try to capture every moment. I suggest caution however, as security will be tighter than Rosalie’s prom dress. {Twilight Lexicon}
Scene, a magazine that covers the burgeoning film industry in Louisiana, interviewed the head of security at the compound where Breaking Dawn will be filming.
“That statute of Louisiana’s criminal law states that, “Unauthorized entry of a place of business is the intentional entry by a person without authority into any structure or onto any premises, belonging to another, that is completely enclosed by any type of physical barrier that is at least six feet in height and used in whole or in part as a place of business.” Those convicted of felony trespass on the studio lot are subject to imprisonment at hard labor for up to six years and a fine of up to $1000.
“We will absolutely prosecute every person who trespasses,” says Achee. “There have been six who trespassed before and they have all been caught.” When asked how he knew only six had trespassed before, Achee’s answer came quick: “Security cameras. The property is covered with high definition security cameras. A camera mounted on the [main building] can capture the license plate of a car all the way on the other side of the property.” The security camera system video is stored to a source that is backed up offsite. Additionally, the system has a back-up power supply that allows it to continue operating in the event of a power failure.
Achee and his crew of security officers are authorized to detain any trespassers by force until local law enforcement arrives to complete the felony arrest. We asked him if he planned on seeing any young teenage girls arrested, Achee said, “Absolutely. I think of this place as a home. You wouldn’t want somebody trespassing in your home, and if you did, you’d defend yourself. That’s what we’re doing here, it doesn’t matter who it is.” {Scene}
TwiFun Time!
Not only is Twilight being taught in universities, it’s now being used as a tool to teach people to improve their reading skills. {mercury news}
Two professors at CabrilloCollege have collaborated on a set of classes that teach students reading and writing skills using the "Twilight" novels and the horror genre in general.
Cabrillo English and reading instructor Jeannete Richey got the idea when she noticed that students who treated most books like vampires react to sunlight, were tearing through the Twilight trilogy with a ravenous appetite.
"It is all about reaching students," Richey said. "I noticed that students who never read anything that large before - it's about 600 pages - were not only engaged in the book, but the whole series. So, we have this sustained reading, and we try to build on that."
Richey teamed up with Cabrillo English instructor Joseph Carter to create a thematic learning community, in which students take both Richey's reading class and Carter's composition class concurrently, allowing the two teachers to work together and plan coordinated assignments. They started offering the vampire and horror-themed courses last spring, and are teaching them again this semester.
"I do believe the students are getting more of out of [the learning communities]," Richey said. "There is a lot of collaboration between instructors, and, like professor Carter and I are doing, you can have integrated assignments. Studies have shown that course structures like these help students develop a connection, and they are more likely to come to school and more likely to stay in school."
"['Twilight'] is a pathway to get people reading," said Carter, who assigns the students compositions and other work coordinated with Richey's lessons in the reading class. "I'm not a huge fan of 'Twilight,' there is better written horror than that. But that's not all they are doing. We also read 'Dracula,' and for this level it is certainly challenging. It is Victorian-style literature. 'Twilight' gets them in the door, and they stay for 'Dracula.'"
"You'd think with 'Twilight,' a young-adult romance, that the interest would be primarily female," Richey said. "But a lot of guys like it too. They are called 'Twihards.'"
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