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Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 2, Issue 36

Last night during ABC’s airing of the new “Revenge” episode, a sneak peek at Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 premiered!

Some great behind the scenes footage from Breaking Dawn debuted on ET this week. They certainly wet the whistle for more!



Just a bit more of the interview from Access Hollywood

Some more great stills released this week! Including a close up on Bella's wedding shoes. They look absolutely amazing!
I know there will be many a broken hearted Twilighter when the movies are all finished (which is too soon!). Luckily, Summit has come up with a way to immortalize what Twilight means to you via Twilight Time Capsule.

Some screencaps from the site


Last week Glamour magazine had a Facebook live chat with The Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and dished plenty about Breaking Dawn Part 1: {Robert Pattinson News}
Favorite scenes in the movie/books?
"I'd have to say the honeymoon scenes. very romantic and playful. lovely to see Edward and Bella having fun".

Percentage of book (Breaking Dawn) actually in the movie? 
"Because we split the one book into two movies, it gave us a lot more room to include as much as possible from the books. Particularly in the first part. We wanted all our favorite scenes to be included - of course everyone has different favorites, but hopefully you'll be happy."

Wondering what to look forward to (other than everything?):
"There are some AWESOME romantic scenes for Bella and Edward! Seriously. The wedding is lush and emotional, the honeymoon is truly sexy. Trust me on this one."

On the wolves:
"There was a lot of discussion about the inter-wolf dialogue. In the end, the book pretty much dictated our approach making most of it voice over - but in a stylized way".

On the music:
"Music is obviously a HUGE component of our movies. But the story always comes first. I actually don't write to music. I find it can color my mood, and hence a scene. The only outside influence I want when I'm writing is the book."

On Stephenie Meyer:
"Stephenie has been a wonderful collaborator. She, like the Producers, director and studio, gives me feedback on every stage of my process - from outline, to first draft to finished draft. Additionally, whenever I'm stuck on a scene or a storyline, I'll call or email her to either ask her about a certain character's backstory, maybe even the color of a certain wolf's fur, or to just bounce ideas around."

On Edward:
"Indeed Edward begins BD1 in a much lighter place - and yes, it was a very conscious choice. He's marrying Bella! He's the happiest vampire in the world. And then the honeymoon, though not without its... complications, is playful and romantic. But then - things get very dark, very fast, and Edward is at his darkest moment yet."

Has she seen Breaking Dawn Part 1?
"I've seen a couple different cuts, and will see the most recent soon. I was sitting in the theater with some other people and began to hear gasps - I was worried for a moment, thinking, oh no, they're laughing (at a very serious moment). Then I realized, no, theyre crying. Not just crying, sobbing!" 

On actors and their roles:
"Watching Kristen and Rob embody those characters is a screenwriter's (and everyone else's) dream. Their chemistry is amazing, and very rare. But writing for Jacob, tracking his growth, translating his passion, fire and sense of humor - that's fun."

On scenes that may have been cut:

"There's not a screenwriter alive who hasn't had favorite scenes cut, either for budget reasons in production, or for pacing and storytelling reasons in editing. But honestly, when I saw the various cuts of the movie, I have to say I didn't miss them, can't even really remember what they were!"

On adapting Stephenie Meyer's books:
"Nothing's harder than the completely blank page of an original screenplay. So it was a joy to adapt Stephenie's work, which lends itself beautifully to film storytelling."

On her cameo appearance in Breaking Dawn Part 1, working with Bill Condon, the birth scene:
"I was on set for the most important scene in the movie! The wedding! If you look closely, you'll see me as one of the wedding guests (along with our producer Wyck Godfrey and Stephenie too!)".

"After writing for Dexter for four years, I've come to understand that what's most terrifying isn't necessarily what you see, it's what you DON'T see. The book really informed the way I wrote the scene - all from Bella's point of view. It conveys her terror, and the terror of Edward and Jacob. And Bill directed it with such intensity, I was mesmerized." (Read more on Bill's perspective of the birth scene).

"I've worked with many directors over my 20 year career (wow, 20... that just aged me!). And of course, I've work with several on the Twi series alone - ALL of whom were truly unique, great experiences (and I'm not just saying that). But I will say that, in my very long career, my collaboration with Bill was the best writer/director collaboration I've ever had. I think a lot of that is because he himself is a screenwriter (academy award winning no less!). So he spoke my language - story, stucture, character, theme. He helped me take the characters to new emotional depths... He's generous, and collaborative. I could go on and on."
Check out Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” from the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 soundtrack
You can hear a few more songs from the soundtrack on the Twilight Facebook page.
The Twio are due to have their handprints immortalized in cement at the historic Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Summit released this announcement:
The most famous place in Hollywood, The Chinese Theatre (, is set to honor the acting trio of “The Twilight Saga,” Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. The three will again appear together in the fourth installment of the blockbuster franchise “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” due in theatres Nov. 18.
The handprints-footprints ceremony honoring all three actors will take place Thurs., Nov. 3, at 10AM.
To date the “Twilight Saga” franchise’s first three films have grossed over a combined $1.8 billion at the worldwide box office.
The Chinese Theatre handprints and footprints ceremony is rich in tradition and provides the over four million people a year who visit the site an opportunity to experience the lore of Hollywood up close, for here lay the handprints and footprints of Hollywood’s most notable talents.  Comedian Bob Hope even left an imprint of his legendary ski jump-shaped nose!
Unlike any other award in Hollywood, be it an Oscar® or a sidewalk ceremony, The Chinese Theatre handprints-footprints tribute is the most selective of all, since over the course of nine decades, only 250-plus such honors have been presented.
Movie exhibitor Sid Grauman, who was one of Hollywood’s best known and most creative showmen, opened The Chinese in 1927 and launched the handprints-footprints ceremony a year later, as a promotion to advertise his many premieres and first run films.
Among the first handprints and footprints were those of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.  Within a few years, the famous forecourt of handprints and footprints on Hollywood Boulevard was flourishing and has since become an international tourist destination. Recent celebrants have included Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston.
Today, The Chinese Theatre forecourt is among the world’s most photographed tourist sites, annually attracting as many visitors as the Taj Mahal in India and the Prado Museum in Madrid.  Along with Disneyland and Universal Studios, The Chinese Theatre is among Los Angeles’ top five tourist attractions, according to
In any given year, The Chinese Theatre hosts over 40 red carpet film premieres and since it opened, it has hosted three Academy Award® ceremonies and numerous world premieres, including those for internationally-acclaimed film franchises, such as “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.”
More movie popcorn has been consumed here by more famous faces than anywhere else on earth and in 2012 The Chinese Theatre celebrates its 85th anniversary with many new innovations planned.
The ceremony will be broadcast live via streaming video on
With less than 30 days to the premier the most devoted Twihards have their tents ready to go! For a chance to glimpse the Twio or get an autograph, there are some rules you have to follow. Summit released this announcement:
TWILIGHT Fans are allowed to begin lining up for camping in Tent City at NOKIA PLAZA L.A. LIVE at 6:00am PT on Thursday, November 10, 2011. No fans are allowed to line-up prior to that time. The location and start of the official fan camp line will be set by Summit Event Security and all other non-official lines will not be recognized.
Overnight camping is allowed in designated areas only, starting in the Nokia Plaza. Please follow all directions advised by L.A. LIVE and Summit security. Please note, that special wristbands will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and each fan must be present to receive a wristband. Each wristband will be numbered and reserves a space in the Fan Viewing areas for the BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 Red Carpet arrivals in sequential order. Every individual who is granted access into Tent City will be entered into a database that matches them with their unique wristband number. The wristbands DO NOT enable access to the Movie Premiere.
Fans will be asked to change location as Premiere set up begins in the Nokia Plaza on Monday morning November 14 at 6:00am PT. This will be the only relocation during the camping event.
·         ONLY Standard Sized Pop Tents will be allowed (4′x4′ [16 sq. ft.] or less. No oversized tents, staked tents, etc., due to limited space)
·         ABSOLUTELY No Drugs or Alcohol allowed on premises
·         No Cooking On-Site or open flame
·         No horseplay. If anyone dumps food or beverages on another camper, they will be subject for removal
·         No amplified music. All music devices must be used with headset or earphone
·         Smoking in Designated Areas Only outside of the NOKIA Plaza boundaries
·         Fans are responsible for their own property. LA Live, AEG, nor Summit is responsible for any lost or stolen items
·         Everyone must please pick up after themselves. A fine will be enforced for anyone who litters on Nokia or LA City property
·         Please only use the restrooms designated for fans and respect the other area businesses
·         Guests must follow the rules and directions of L.A. LIVE Management/Summit Security at all times
THANK YOU for your cooperation and adherence to the above to help ensure a safe and entertaining experience for everyone!
Twilight fans will be given wristbands starting at 6:00am PT on Thursday, November 10 2011. Wristbands MUST be worn until the premiere is over. Any wristband that has been tampered with or removed will NOT be considered valid. Any fan arriving without wearing the original wristband they were provided will not be allowed into the viewing area. There will be periodic spot checks through November 14, the day of the event.
TwiFun Time
The new iPhone 4s comes with a voice command/search function called Siri. You can ask Siri all sorts of questions which the program will answer to the best of its ability. Here, Siri takes on Twilight.
Stevie Nicks has released a new song “Moonlight {A Vampire’s Dream}” specifically inspired by “New Moon”
She talked to BelleAndEdward about the song-
It was 2009 and I was on tour in Melbourne, Australia. I needed to stay awake to avoid jet lag. I went to see the film “New Moon” and then we all sat around and watched the Michael Jackson movie… By then it was midnight and I knew I had to go back and see “New Moon” again. Afterward I started an essay about all the “Edwards” in my life. I thought about all the tales of abandonment and the beautiful love story of Bella and Edward. He’s cursed to live life as a monster but Bella sees through. Yet—he leaves her because he knows that is what he has to do. She sits in her chair for months. I so understood that feeling. We went on to Brisbane and I kept thinking, “Why can’t they be together?” And at that moment, I wrote the song. And the very next moment I said to myself, “I’m ready to make a record now.” Before that I wondered if I would ever make another record but I knew it was time. This is one of my favorite songs on the record. We kept a photo of Bella and Edward on the soundboard while we recorded.
Check out the lyrics ahead:
Some call her strange lady from the mountains
Now and others say…. she’s not really real….
Like a candle burs bright, wants to burn faster- well maybe then… at least she really feels..
Burning like a candle in the middle…
She’s lonely, lost
She’s disconnected. She finds no comfort in her surroundings.
Beautiful, Insecure, she has nothing. She moves from situation to situation…. like a ghost.
Then she see’s him ….candle burning.
STRANGE-she runs with the one’s she can’t keep up with
Ohhh–it’s so STRANGE–slows down, so desperate to stop her
Meet her in the middle, they both run from the one who hunts them.
They drop too forceful,
they drop too forceful,
He loves her, but he needs his life alone as well,
but does he know the road or the reasons why
If he leaves her he’ll be losing the chance to stay alive,
But the candle burns bright then the candle dies,
burning from the middle
like a candle.
STRANGE- she runs with the one’s she cant keep up with
Ohhh– It’s so STRANGE, he slows down, so desperate to stop her
They meet in the middle, they both run from the one that hunts them.
They drop too forceful,
They drop too forceful, frozen…..
STRANGE -she’s laid on the floor in silent pain
STRANGE- she sat in the chair for months just staring
STRANGE -she knows too much to walk away
STRANGE- she couldn’t do it anyway…
STRANGE -she’s lied on the floor in silent pain
STRANGE -she sat in the chair for months just staring
STRANGE -she knows too much to walk away
STRANGE- she couldn’t do it anyway…
he slows down, he slows down,
he slows down,
she couldn’t do it
she couldn’t do it…….
PEOPLE magazine celebrates with a special collector’s issue, The Stars of Twilight’sBreaking Dawn, featuring a sneak peek on their wedding and honeymoon, plus the real-life stories of the Twilight actors (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz)who are fan favorites. This special newsstand-only issue of PEOPLE is loaded with 126 photos from the movie, behind the scenes, and much more.

Highlights from the issue include:
A New Dawn: A wedding! A baby! PEOPLE reports on all the scoop on the latest Twilight flick, as Bella and Edward’s legendary love story nears its fairy-tale ending.
Behind the Scenes: PEOPLE takes a sneak peek at the movie’s tropical location shoot in the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, and a town near Rio de Janeiro.
On the Rise: Now that his days as Edward Cullen are nearing an end, Robert Pattinson is looking to make the most of his Twilight fame. PEOPLE reports on what’s next for the heartthrob actor.
Happily Ever After: Life post-Twilight is looking like a fairy tale for Kristen Stewart, who’s becoming a rising fashion icon with her pick of A-list roles.  Up next: Snow White.
All Fired Up: Twilight launched Taylor Lautner’s career. Abduction catapulted him to action hero. Can the teen phenomenon keep blazing his way through Hollywood?
Twilight’s Hottest Bodies: One majorly pumped-up vampire and a trio of ripped wolves– here’s to the saga’s supernaturally spectacular physiques: Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner, Boo Boo Stewart and Alex Meraz.
Vampires in Love: As Bella and Edward head down the aisle, the real-life romance between Robert and Kristen is still going strong – and getting more public.
Bella’s Big Day: Catch a glimpse of the highly anticipated gown from the movie wedding of the year. PEOPLE takes a look at the details that went into creating Bella and Edward’s magical “I do” moment.
Vamping It Up: Want to dress like Ashley, Kristen or Nikki Reed?  PEOPLE shows the steps to achieve the off-set style of Twilight’s favorite cast members with wardrobe and accessories.
Looks To Die For: PEOPLE reveals the best hair and makeup secrets from the cast.
Extreme Fans: Some of the amazing – and often painful – ways that fans show the depth of their devotion to the Twilight phenomenon.
The magazine hits newsstands Oct 14th and can be found until Nov 14th. 
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