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By Maria Jackson

Twilight Takes Over Atlanta! Breaking Dawn Cast & Concert Tour!

 Last night the Breaking Dawn Cast & Concert Tour hit Atlanta! 

Hundreds of very, very enthusiastic Twilighters screamed their hearts out as Christina Perri, Nikki Reed, Charlie Bewley, Ashley Greene, and Jackson Rathbone walked the red carpet, waved, signed autographs, and answered questions. Fans were treated to glitter tattoos, candy apples, cupcakes, pictures with Edward or Jacob cutouts while decked in a wedding veil, airbrush tattoos, and taking a picture with their favorite Twilight quote.

Christina Perri performed the first release from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack, "1,000 Years" and the stars answered fan questions. In between we were treated to never before seen behind the scenes clips. Tiaras with veils were passed out and correct trivia answers treated with posters and tickets to private screening on November 16th!

I was there to capture as much magic as possible! I hope you can hear the Twistar's replies over all of the screaming!  I honestly do not think I've heard a noise like that in all of my life.





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