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By Matt Rodriguez

Celebrating the Grand Opening of Ovation Cinema Grill 11 in Snellville, GA

As a film critic, the theater is where I spend the most of my time when I’m not at either my home or the office. Over the years I’ve found myself in plenty of theater seats, both comfortable and downright torturous. Nowadays going to the movies is more about the overall experience as opposed to just seeing a film on the big screen. Fancy reclining seats, a full dining menu and bar, bigger screens with louder sound; these are just some of the amenities audiences have come to expect with their near $20 tickets. Carmike Cinemas’ Ovation Cinema Grill 11 is the newest theater in Georgia, and we had the opportunities to check it out and see what they have to offer.


Ovation Cinema Grill 11 is located about an hour north of Atlanta depending on traffic in Snellville and has all of the features you would expect from a cinematic dining experience. Their main attraction is the “Big D” auditorium which features a massive 70’ wide and three stories tall screen. We were treated to a showing of Sully, and it looked and sounded fantastic. It’s still not quite IMAX, but it’s close enough where any action blockbuster is going to be amazing to see. And at only $2 more than the regular showing, it won’t exactly break the bank either.


A new theater needs new seats, and Ovation’s are some of the most comfortable I’ve sat in. They’re able to recline to a near horizontal position, almost like you’re watching a movie from the comfort of your own bed. There’s also plenty of space in front of of you so that other people and servers can easily pass by without you having to hold in your legs, even when you’re fully reclined. Best of all, the seats are quiet. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard the squeaking of a chair reclining during the film at other theaters. Not so with Ovation.


One of the cool things that Ovation offers that I don’t see at other theaters is selective Sensory Sensitive showings where they leave the lights on and have the volume on low, which make it great for families affected by autism or other disabilities. It’s wonderful to see a theater chain go the extra mile in providing services like this.


The only downside to Ovation is its location. For those of you who live outside the perimeter, it’s a great theater. But for those like myself who live near downtown Atlanta, it can be quite a drive to get to, especially during rush hour traffic. Personally, there are closer theaters to myself that offer a near-equal experience. That being said, if I lived closer to Ovation, they would clearly be my go-to theater of choice.


If you live in the Snellville/Lawrenceville area go and check Ovation out. It’s a great theater with good food at a reasonable price. They’re located in the Snellville Exchange shopping center at 1210 Scenic Highway. For showtimes and menu options, visit